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Time for competitive eating!

If you could start an alternative sports team in your city, what "sport" would you choose, and what would you pick for your mascot?

Answers (186)

  • If i could start an alternativ sport in my city then i would choose horse riding sport because mostly people choose other games not choose these type sports so i choose it and play my team  on world level .
  • Bowling golf. 10 frames each with different pin arrangements. Whoever bowls the least number of times wins. Better yet: Mensa gaming. Competitive board, card, dice, computer, & video games that encourages mental thinking. The mascot for the former would be the Skittles. For the latter would be the Octopi. :)

  • I would make a Futsal team.  Futsal is a fast-paced form of soccer with only five players to a team and it's played indoors on a basketball court.  And their mascot would be a frog.  I dunno why a frog, it just seems fitting.  :)
  • Competitive listening to the same song over and over and over again. The first team to go crazy loses. And a mascot? Uhh... I don't know, maybe a newt. Because newts rock.

  • Это был бы кёрлинг! Забавный вид спорта и в целом безопасный.
    Талисманом был бы енот. От так очаровательно страет - чистюля!
    А кёрлинг мне напоминает боулинг и мытьё полов одновременно.)

  • Bound Display Successfully Measured

    These games exist but are kept low and for only those in the "in crowd" I would like to in my perfect world bring it out into the open as a sport. The mascot would be a Chimera holding rope and flogger with chains at it's feet. 
  • Competitive fucking. There'd be competitions for pairs, trios, foursomes, and moresomes. Oh, and synchronized fucking. The mascot for my team would be an inverted cross made of dicks.

  • The better sport is cooper, step by step.

    Mascot? - I dont know, maybe a dog, best friend of a man :)

  • QUIDDITCH! I would start a Quidditch league in my city and pick one of the Hogwarts House animals as the mascot. 
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