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Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble

What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

Answers (609)

  • I'd name it Ecto 10. I've always wanted a custom license plate that says Ecto Whatever on it. It can't be Ecto 2 because that's the original Ghostbuster vehicle, so it would have to be further down in the series. I think I'd even want the Ecto name if I got the Jurassic Park Range Rover. Just to mess with people's heads.

  • Никак. Когда я сажусь в неё, то я как бы одеваю машину на себя. Как одежду. И подключаю свои оргамны чувств к узлам машины. Машина становится продолжением меня.

  • я бы назвал свою машину или мотоцикл - ПОСМОРИМ
    Потому что это название наиболее точно отражает то, что будет происходить в ближайшее время ))))
  • My current car is named Penny. My former car was named Clover, and my first car was named Sora.

  • I always name my cars after comic book characters. Why? Because they have the best characters!!! Duh!!!
    My first car was the Dark Knight, because it was black and I love Batman. Second car, but much fancier, was Rorschach, because he is my favorite character in Watchmen, And if I get a third vehicle, which I hope to eventually have, I will name it according to what comic book character seems fitting and whatever color it is, If its red and badass, I will name it Ironman. If its green, the Joker. If its black again...Knives from Scott Pilgrim vs the World lol 

  • Don't really know right now. Guess when I got one it will naturally come out? D:

  • I named my car Dory when I got it, though I never like refer to it as that. Just never think of it.
    Thinking about naming my bike something, but haven't decided yet!

  • lmbo! i use to have a 87 Buick regal and i named her Betsy lol cause she looked like a Betsy ha ha

  • I owned a car once.  It was my pride and joy.  Took me everywhere that I wanted to go.  As unreliable as it was at times, I still loved it.  A green 1998 Plymouth Sun-dance.  Noisy as hell, and a money pit.  I had named it "The Locust."  It was the noisiest car that I have ever known, but then again, I loved the hell out of it.  I was the third owner of the vehicle.  I miss that car so much.  Hell, I miss having my own car period.
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