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Earth Mk. II

If you could design your own planet, what would it look like and who would live there? Describe the colors, the creatures, and the culture.

Answers (491)

  • Непременно полечу,сложнее накопить 10 000 долларов
  • Кстати, подозрительно недорого. Горящая путевка?))) А если серьезно, так толкьо оттуда и что снова туда?

  • У меня никогда не будет 10000 долларов!
  • за десятку еще здесь есть куда поехать :)

  • If I could design my own planet, I would probably leave everything as it is. We all down here on earth believe in god, though in different faces or with different names. But we know there is a god and we can never make it better than them. :)

  • my world woud be great!!! lik shimmering ponds magic !!! fairy would live attractive gardens n no poor peopls
  • My world would be filled with bright colors and happy rainbows, with furry boys and kitty boys living as the highest form of intelligent life. The culture would be that of free love, caring, and understanding, and every guy would wear cute and/or girly outfits! Plus, everyone could eat cake and candy and sweet stuff all day and never get cavities or gain weight! YAY! ^___^ This world would be AWESOME!!!

  • I think, for starters, my planet would be round, since that seems to be a popular shape for planets. And it would be very green. It might look something like pandora, with glowing plants. The whole planet would be full of nature, and the society there would be similar to the native american culture. They would respect the planet, and nature, and all other living creatures. And weed would definitely grow there! It would be socially acceptable to smoke it. And willing slavery would also be socially acceptable, but not required. People would be encouraged to accept one another, instead of always judging each other.

  • It would probably be an exact copy of our planet with just a few changes concerning humanities attitude

  • Answer One. the sub world of the veil.

    The ebony waters rushed through the silver hills, the blue lands covered in a thousand sandy footprints from the creatures happily playing.

    The cabbit took hold of the human gaze as she wondered slowly onto the plain. She and her friend caught sight then of the cabbit and ran towards it. The brilliant white animal jumped into her arms as she neared and rubbed its head on her cheek in warm emotion. The friend overtook the first girl and slammed into a hug to an oversized yet anorexic cat that grinned so cheshire like the fear you felt doubled with the unknown reason of nausea at its sight. And yet the two human girls did not run away but sat with the two creatures caressing them with such kind love.  They looked back at the trees they ran through, and saw beyond them the veilm Earthm as it is to you from them. And that hid them from Earth. Soon the creatures of the heart will go through that veil, but whilst doubt lies it will still create a barrier so that those two girls can not frolic freely with the myths and wondrous creatures they love so dearly. Again, the dream must end and they both depart sadly, hoping to be able to return again, but never knowing if they will.
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