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A barrel of laughs

Who is the funniest person you know, and why?

Answers (627)

  • Самый смешной человек, которого я знаю - это Я! Обхохочешься...
  • grandma

  • Сейчас - это, не поверите, препод по тгп. Он так отжигает, просто нечто. Такие откалывает номера. Недели три назад он нам заявил, что Кока-кола - это кровь Микки Мауса. И остальное все в таком духе. Еще в моей группе есть парень Саша и девчонка Катя. Вот тоже два кадра, мы с ними на английском только и сидим шутим друг над другом))

  • Garfield
  • I always try to surround myself with hilarious people. I've been blessed with friends and family that bring joy and light into my life day after day. Fun people are always a pleasure to be around! Of course, my homegirls S&J would be top of the list. We share a similar type of humour, and I have had many a laugh with these fine ladies. Honorable mention to Vivillya, who doesn't always intend to be funny, but often makes me laugh anyway. So many others, I'd have to think long and hard to make a list. For the moment, I would say the funniest person I know is Lucy, the stand up comedian shipped here from the depths of Germany. She just needs to walk into a room and hilarity ensues. I think if I spent any more time with her I would have a serious six pack from laughing so hard all the time.

  • To me, anyone is funny. I mainly laugh at anything, but constantly laugh the most as Lee Evans! classic!

  • that would be my best friend Clyde. well, she's really funny person and that's one of her great points. she could make anyone laugh with her antics and all that's why people easily warms up to her. and she's really a natural.  :))
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