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A Profound Impact

Who has had a profound musical impact?

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  • only you...
  • The questions rather vague, isn't it? A profound impact on me or the world?

    In the world of pop it would have to be Michael Jackson. Whether you like him or not, think he's sane or not, question his sexual preferences or not, you have to see that once upon a time he was amazing. He started being amazing as a child and he kept that same energy well into his late twenties. Alright, it started to get really iffy after that, but there's still some intense hits. Everyone knows the words to Smooth Criminal, Billy Jean, Bad, etc. Even when he started to get weird with Janet in the 90's, he still hit number one. For a long time everything that Michael touched turned to gold.

    There are other people in the industry like that. For musicals: Andrew Lloyd Webber. For rock: Led Zepplin or Jimi Hendrix. For punk: The Clash. For hip hop: Dr Dre or Grandmaster Flash. All these people, some of them dead but still loved and some of them still giving advice and making waves, all of them have had a huge impact in the musical world.

    Even if you ignore people who in the past have influenced how music is made today, alot of artists right now are heading straight for hall of fame recognition. Justin Timberlake is a great example of this. Timberlake started in a silly little boy band, N*sync, that didn't really get too far. Ok, they went far in terms of boy bands but that doesn't really count for anything in the real world now, does it? Timberlake broke away from that and tried, really tried, to be his own guy. Justified was an album saying, "ok, I know I have fans that will have only bought this because they liked the boy band and are expecting something like the vile filth we spewed then, so here ya go: 3 tracks for you. But for people who are interested in how I've grown as an artist: the rest of the album."
    Alright, not the most groundbreaking LP ever to be pressed, but the boy was trying without losing his fan base.
    His new album, though...pure gold. The fans who were with him from N*sync have grown up. They're having sex, taking drugs and boozing and they just don't want the squeaky clean wonderbread boy that Justin was giving them. You can almost hear the sigh of relief on the first track. Futuresex/Lovesounds is the album Timberlake has been wanting to make. It doesn't have innuendo, it has songs about how he's going to pound some chick. It doesn't have "ooh, girl I love ya girl" it has "damn, I like the way you look, I'm bringing you home now". It's more real than anything he's brought out and you have to admire an artist who has the guts to just change what he's about. It doesn't happen that often any more.

    Personally, though, I think the person who's had the most musical impact in my life would be my mother. Oooh, corny. Shut up.
    My mom introduced me to every single band that I love today. Accept for Led Zepplin. She hates those guys. My mother taught me to sing, my dad taught me to play. My mother taught me that even if they don't clap you've done the audience a favor just by being there. If they don't realize it, their loss. My mother is the strongest and smartest person I have ever met, and if I could be one ounce of a musician to what she is a person then I would be the best in the world.

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  •  Another one of these questions, and I like this one!

    Hard one though. Will narrow it down:

    George Michael
    Human League
    Depeche Mode
    Suzanne Vega

    And out of these, I'm going to say Depeche Mode
    I bought their 'Playing The Angel' CD off Ebay last year after sort of-remembering someone mentioning it, I lost it for a while, then found it again. I played it...and wow! I became addicted to it! Litereally-when I didn't listen to it I began to miss it! Every song is a masterpiece, a jumble of huge emotion, gentle lyrics and beautiful music. That album was THE summer.  I moved on to Songs of Faith And Devotion, a more dark, earthy sounding album and from there I made my way through everything of theirs.

    I think what really attracts me to Depeche Mode is how much emotion they can match in their songs. The love songs are tender and beautiful, the 'themed' ones clever and every one is very interesting. It's strange how people you've nmever met can catch emotion you're feeling and really bring you to tears. 

    So that's the question answered. Depeche Mode it is. Fan 4 Lyf!

  •  ОКружение оказало влияние, точнее друзья. :-)

  • If this means a person who has impacted my life with music and singing, it would have to be Amy Lee. We are very similar: were both shy, we both like art and drawing, are middle names are both Lynn. uh......she doesn't show skin to get a record deal. She knows that her talent is good enough to get a record deal. She is very honest and doesn't lip sync in concert. Also she is a Christian!

    Amy Lee is a very good Person.
  •  recently ?
    hmm billy talent 
    they're like..
    totally wizard
  • On what? The world? Me?
    I guess personally it would be Darren Hayes, but if you know me then you know that already lol.
    Other than that I've no idea...

  • Johnny Cash
  • My taste in music vary greatly - I like all styles and types of music regardless
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