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How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

Answers (885)

  • Character is far more important.

    Keep clear of a man who does not value his own character. - Leaves of Gold
  • Very Very Very

  • Хм... смотря какая красота, если душевная - то на первом месте, физическая где-то позади. Да и когда любишь, внешность не главное, потому что твоя вторая половинка самая прекрасная на свете.

  • Fairly important. I consider sex a part of romance (for myself anyhow, how others define it is their own business) so I want to be with people I'd enjoy seeing naked. :P I have a pretty wide range of what I consider attractive, especially since I'm pansexual. What's between a person's ears matters a lot more than what's between their legs. Besides, I've found that a person's attitude becomes part of their attractiveness or lack thereof and can tip the scales in either direction. (Again, from my POV.) (I'm also happily married and only interested in one other primary so it's kind of a moot point.)

  • I think that often times, if we are genuine people, that which we value most in a person's character will make them attractive to us, since attractiveness is all a matter of perspective.

  • At what's likely a very high risk of sounding superficial, physical attraction has to be there or else there would be little chance that I'd have any romantic interest in the person. I'm not sure if it's so much physical, or if there just has to be a sort of "spark." I've known guys who I thought were hot or whatever, but never thought of romantically or even felt much real attraction to. It might be a chemistry thing, but who knows.

  • Очень важна. Может, это и неправильно, но в первую очередь я обращаю внимание на внешность девушки и уж только потом - на ее внутренний мир. Что ж поделать, ценю я женскую красоту...

  • More or less without any pretending words if I would to rate  Physical Attraction, as last on my list. Sounds sarcastic but I really do. I do believe that when you are selecting a partner it should not be base on how attractive, intelligent, interesting  He/she is. I think it should not be take a look but rather feel it. They say love is magical , something beyond you cannot just explain. Although most of the time the it's the eyes that could see, I guess it's the heart that feel most of the time. As a saying goes "Do not judge the books by it's cover". ;)

  • Many people claim it's not so important. I think it is even for them!
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