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Where's the receipt?

What was the worst significant purchase you ever made, and why?

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  • The alarm clock that I bought yesterday. Significant, yes. I bought it because I need an alarm clock so badly. I can't rely on my dumb phone which will die in the middle of the night.

    Turns out, the alarm clock is dumber than my phone.

    Sometimes it will seem like it's not working. Then I have to roll the battery inside. The setting of the alarm is very annoying. The stupid gear is so loose it takes ages for me to set the time to 8am. And this morning, my phone was the one which woke me up! My phone usually dies at 4am so if it woke me up at 8.15am, it must mean Doomsday is near!

    My dumbass alarm clock's brand name is Osawa. What kind of a stupid fucktard name is Osawa. No wonder it is so loose and retarded!
    My favourite. Tetek baik!

    Pi mampos ah!

    I can't expect much for $2.90, right?
  • An eVGA GeForce GTX-285. That line of cards suffered from a pretty significant flaw (in the voltage regulators) that made RMAing the card pointless, as I'd likely just get a replacement suffering from the same flaw. $350 down the drain right there.

  • okay this is slightly hard.
    I would probably choose.. jonas brothers tickets.
    that sounds pretty terrible (to me), but i know alot alot of people who think it was worth it.
    I paid around £123 + possibly more for a ticket for nov 2009.
    it sounds bad bc they were and still are a big part of my life & super important.. but maybe, well £100?
    was that really what i should have paid? the three friends i went with all paid in that same range too. 
    It was probably (the) or one of my best nights, i don;t regret it for one second but the fact that i dont think i should have paid over £100 is that the way they set up the stage was awful.
    i cant really describe it... but were weren't at the front (it was like a stage in middle seats all around affair) we were like.. at the side and although we were basically at the front I cant help feeling that if we'd been futher back it wouldve probs been a better view.. doesn't sound logical but hey ho...

    Another pretty signif purcahse ... A&F clothes.. pahaha.
    STUPIDLY, (fucking UK..) this country decides it's only gonna have about two abercrombies in the WHOLE place, and ofc they are in london, hours away from me. so i thought id be sneaky and do some internet shopping!
    well, fxck that, seeing as it's about £20 p&p! so i went onto this site and yeah it did look a bit dodgy but i trusted it, plus the clothes were wayy cheaper, and they looked authentic.
    yeah, this shirt STANK, of like, idk smoke or something, took weeks to come and yeah i was super disappointed. /: straight away i thought it was fake but now it doesn't look too bad but i still feel like im wearing stolen goods. ;/
    i've bought a few things off a "Hollister UK" online store which have been ish okay but thankfull the have hollisters (ish) near me which i can go to. :)
  • A little late on this reply, but it's an easy one for me to answer. Without a doubt the worst significant purchase I ever made was when we bought a house in late 2005. Looking back, I am not even sure why we did. We had a nice 3 bedroom apt (it even had a full basement) with a very reasonable rent, but I guess we had just reached a point where it seemed like the thing to do. My husband's job paid very well, we had two small children, and I know my husband wanted somewhere with a bit of a yard and some quite. We found an amazing Victorian brick farmhouse that was truly beautiful, and I suppose I was taken by the idea of living in such a grand looking house -- even though it was clear there were things we needed to improve -- gutters, windows, etc. What should be a law is having every first time home owner sit through a course where you learn about all the worst possible things that can happen when you have a home. They should show in graphic, gory detail about every little thing you are now responsible for, and how every single one of those things can go wrong ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Because I know I didn't consider half of what I should have when I thought about home ownership. It certainly didn't help that the cards started out stacked against us. The owner left it in a deporably dirty condition, so we knew we were going to have a massive cleaning to do before it even felt like "our place" - and that was NOT something I looked forward to in the slightest. It was so dusty and dirty in places that we couldn't even afford to pay someone to clean it. It would have cost A LOT. (We had a few estimates.) Then before we moved it there was a leak in the upstairs bathroom that flooded the kitchen while we were away for Christmas. So we had to move our stuff into the dry parts of the house, then live in a hotel for a month while the entire kitchen was gutted and rebuilt. A year later the water heater broke, along with some pipes, and a flooded basement and no hot water meant we spent a few more weeks in hotels getting things sorted. And we had well water, which was disgusting, no matter what you tried to do to it. All the complications and bad luck while we were there had me spiralling into depression, and even my husband fell into a dark mood, making it hard for him to work full time, which meant that even though we now had a mortgage that was nearly 3x our rent, he started making less money. A LOT less money. And don't even get me started on the snakes. We had cats for a while and luckily one was a hunter; my husband came downstairs one morning to find a bitten off snake head the cat had left in the dining room, probably as a trophy. I feel queasy thinking about it even now. In the end we defaulted on the mortgage, and because we didn't want to stay in the house, we tried to work with the bank to sell it for what we could (yes, this was the beginning of the fall of the housing market, so with our second mortgage to fix all the things that went wrong, we had more debt than we could ever hope to cover with a sale) -- but our letters were never even answered, much less worked with! So we left it about 2 and a half years after we bought it, and moved out east. At that point I felt that if I didn't get to the east coast (this was in the midwest), I was going to die. Seriously. So what did I learn? I am NOT meant to be a homeowner. Even though I did enjoy being the one to tool around on the riding lawn mower (I really did!), I do not like tending a garden, repairing ANY part of a building, dealing with broken appliances or pipes or wiring, or dealing with pests like mice or snakes. I want to live where all of those things are someone else's problems, and I just pay a monthly fee to reside. I don't care that this means I have no real equity. Equity is too stressful. Here's a slightly artsified photo of the house. Taken in winter, it makes it seem a bit spookier than it really looked, although maybe now I'm just seeing what I should have seen the first time: Nice place to visit, but I don't want to live there!

  • Last year, we received a large tax return of several thousand dollars. I asked my husband to pay off our debts with it. Instead, he chose to buy a number of large appliances that we didn't have to have, and spent the rest on 6 or 7 guns, a foot locker full of ammo, and several other items which ATF confiscated.

    Our life together is destroyed. Our children traumatized. My now ex-husband is in prison. I had to sell my dream house with all its new appliances at a loss.

    The debts simply grew.

    Why couldn't he just have paid off those debts?
  • Everything, I am a Hoarder.

  • A very expensive trash can. A cheap one does the same, and lasts longer. I returned it, its ok now!

  • Кухонный гарнитур с обливным фасадом, такого "Г" и врагу не пожелаешь.  

  • my wedding license!! lol omfg the worst 50 bucks i spent because he thinks its a reason to "hold on" to the relationship.... lol fucking loser

  • Самая глупая покупка.... это Honda Accord Executive 2.4 16V 2006 Во-первых, стоимость "полного фарша" - 36000$ в салоне 2006 год; Во-вторых, авто для молодежи: девчонкам-мальчишкам! Женщине в 45 - ни в какие ворота! В-третьих, на Украине сервисное обслуживание просто "пипец", хоть пять 5 лет назад... хотя и сча !
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