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If your pet were a person, what occupation would they choose?

Answers (730)

  • Either Comedian casue she always makes me laugh or Healer casue when I'm not feeling well she seems to know & comes & maes me feel a but better.

  • LOL  My small dachshund has big dog attitude.. so maybe a bouncer?  Sheriff?  My beautiful Australian shepherd mix would be an alarm clock!

  • Мой кот стал бы массажистом!!! очень хорошим причем!!!
  • Spooky is the head of Atra Catus mafia and a minion of Basement Cat. They smuggle catnip by the tons, as well as mice and Fancy Feast™. Junior has a bad catnip habit and often times can be found giving information to Spooky in exchange for his fix. Corky, having had a few bad run-ins with Atra Catus, prefers to keep quiet and remains a shut-in, afraid of anything and everything. Jezzie, Corky and Junior's sister, is a femme fatale who lures her targets into a false sense of security and takes them for all they've got. When she's not playing the role of a helpless, albeit demanding, Southern Belle, she can be found sleeping in her favorite sun room at Corky's hideaway. Screech, or "Slim" as he is called by the members of Atra Catus, is the lead lookout, but, in reality, he's actually a spy hired by rival mafia, Russian Blue Roulette, and has been ordered to take down Atra Catus from the inside.

  •  У меня есть две кошки!) Первую зовут Марго а вторую Кити

    Марго- я не знаю что бы это животное занималось ,но из неё получилась настоящая стерва обольстительница !! прям арр.. ))
    А вот Китя наоборот простушка летящая кошка  она б наверное не чем не занималась волялась на кровате и смотрела телек )))) ну может быть  связала мне пару носков =))))
  • My pets are people. Noah says he wants to be a race car. I'm not sure he understands the question. Ammy's asleep, but if she'd say anything, it'd probably be "ka," so...same thing, I guess.

  • спать целыми днями и просить чтобы ему почесали пузо

  • футбол и поедание всего что можно человеку)

  • I think Cali would be a psychiatrist,
    chewie would be a wine tester,
    and ninja would be a food critic
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