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Toys in the attic

Did you have a favorite toy as a child that you took with you everywhere? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

Answers (807)

  • I have my stuffed animal cat and rabbit. They are both downstairs in the basement because my parents said so D: Poor things. I shall rescue them some day...Maybe tomorrow....
  • Есть. Огромный черный медведь. Прошел со мной огонь, воду, студенческое общежитие, три съемных квартиры и лежит сейчас гордо на диване в моей мастерской.

  • был плюшевый серый заяц.... оставила на улице, промок под дождём, очень было жалко зайчика....

  • When I was young , My father threw them away , Recent day , he 's still doing like that , So now , I have one more my new game , How to protect my personal life and everything in my room from a person somebody called "FATHER", This Game can't no find in the market , Department store or any Game shop , 

  • My bear, brother hid it, we never found it.
  • Yes. A few different stuffed animals used to take turns accompanying me places. I've still got at least two of them around here, probably in the kids' toy boxes.

  • I received Henry the stuffed dog when I was a baby. I think he was the Elmo of the 70's. I took Henry with me everywhere. My mom really fondly remembers this about me. I don't remember. I guess toddler me would carry him on my shoulders and say cute things like, "Look Henry, that's the sky."

    For my 33rd birthday my mom gave me Henry as a gift. He's smaller than I remember, I joked.

    When I was in the process of buying my condo in 2009, I started sleeping with Henry. Also, I sleep with him lately. That's probably weird. Oh well. If you read this journal you already know I am not normal. Don't hate on my modern life coping strategies.
  • I had toys when I was little, but I don't really remember carrying them around that much. I was happy to play in the dirt.

  • i had a pink teddy bear named Kate and i still have her actually :)

  • I actually had a few toys that I had around all the time. One of them was a plastic T-rex with a green belly, gray back and red stripey things. it's tail stuck almost straight out, so I would always use it like a handle for carrying it around. I actually really wish I still had it, but a few years back my mom took most of my favorite and most sentimental toys and gave them away WITHOUT ASKING ME. ffff. She's like that. one of these said sentimental toys was a cheap, wormlike thingie with wire in it so it bended. he had a little blue afro too. I called him Fuzzy-Wuzzy.
    I still have some of my stuffed animals too. There's a little red stuffed dinosaur with sleepy looking eyes that I bought at a drugstore when I was...um...well, everything was taller, how's that? I named her Valentine. I have a Llama named Mary that looks like a sheep because the dryer messed up her fur. I also have a Cow named Cow. The weird thing about Cow is that even though the cow has an udder and is therefore a female cow, I always thought of him as a boy. weird. and Bear. He's a polar bear. That's...that's really all there is to him.

    I have about four Breyer's horses and I would like to continue collecting them one day. They're brilliantly made toys and are worth collecting at any age. I'm surprised they aren't more valuable. I also kinda want to collect rare barbies. Not the slutty ones, but the cool collector's edition ones, like "the Birds" Barbie or something.
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