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Writer's Block

Satisfying the craving

What's your favorite midnight snack, and why?

Answers (722)

  • Chocolate...I know it's full of calories but it's so tasty! xD
  • Наверное я вас рассмешу, но ночью я люблю чашечку черного кофе с зефиром в шоколаде - радую сердце и душу. а затем легко засыпаю.
  • Chocolate. Anything made of chocolate. Heck, I'd live off chocolate if I could. ;)

  • my fave midnight snack is prob some of my big sister's home made cookies with a glass of (raw milk) yup i said raw
    there is loads of added fat and sugers in the milk you buy at stores but raw milk has none of that plus it is way better!

    p.s. i use writers block not cuz i have it
    cuz it's fun

  • Cold chicken. It doesn't leave you  thirst like ice cream or bread will do
  • Cereal! You really have to be in the mood for anything else, like ice cream or cookies or popcorn or savory stuff, but cereal can be had at any time of day. And it's almost always in stock in the pantry.

  • Anything in the fridge.
    Because...I don't have a regular midnight snack staple.

  • pizza! pizza is the best anytime snack, but especially at midnight because you can eat as much as you want, go to sleep, and you dont have to count calories til morning :)

  • For me, I appreciate biscuit, chocolate, moon cake and yolk pie.
    All these sweet food are my favorite.
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