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If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

Answers (1005)

  • Автора вопроса я б поносила какое-то время, после чего скормила бы своим щенкам.

  • I would choose white haired wolf, because its my favorite animal and i

  • Josh Groban. He could sing me to sleep at night.

  • If I could shrink any animal, I would choose a....tiger because they look like really good cuddlers and sometimes a girl needs that!

  • Я бы выбрал беляка, это детеныш тюленя, оч красивый и миловидный...А самое главное почему бы выбрал он кричит приятно для ушей...уж очень они меня радуют!

  • С детства мечтала о маленьком "карманном" человеке ;)

    Or, a llama. Because Llamas are cool. 

  • Well i'm choosing between two things.

    First one is a cat/neko because i really like cats because they're really cute and fluffy and they're mean to anyone they don't know and protect their owner when someone comes too close. And the best part is that they're often vicious to anyone who hurts them/ their owner so that's an advantage for me.

    The other one is a panda because it's really big and hard to keep as a pet in it's normal size. Plus, it's really cute and i kinda wonder what it'll feel like if it's shrunk down and it's hug-able so I'd probably want to shrink that~

  • Hmmm,I would choose..a wolf because I think wolves are equally cute and fierce and it would so cool to have it down to miniature size.It would look as if I have a wolf pup in my pocket.
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