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Best. Concert. Ever.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Answers (251)

  • bambozzle fesitval and i LOVEEEEEE ur icon lke really LOVE it hehe =D
  • Hands, down, Flogging Molly. Because in one word, they were amazing (previous entry with the FM tags will give my big gloat about it and its awesomeness). Second, Ludo, just because they were entertaining. and were having lots of fun. On a side note, another band I unfortuatly won't see is Coldplay. And that sucks greatly because I want ot see them, and I'm sure they're amazing too. Though FM is coming to Sac in October, and I think I am so going. Who else is up for it?
  • Public Enemy a year and half ago, no doubt.
  •  Not really sure. Different concerts have meant so much at different times. In chronological order: Emerson, Lake & Palmer in 1977 with a full orchestra; Moody Blues on their reunion Octave tour 1978; Heart and Blue Öyster Cult in Aloha Stadium Labor Day 1981; Gary Numan in the Hammersmith Odeon in 1983; Weird Al at the Brown County Fair circa 1986; U2 in 1987 on the last night of the World Series; David Bowie's Sound + Vision tour with Adrian Belew in 1990; the second Lollapalooza Tour with Pearl Jam, Ministry, and the Chili Peppers; Prince during his unpronouncible glyph phase in the mid-90's; and Bette Midler about 1999. I haven't really been to a meaningful concert since the turn of the millennium (2006's Ozzfest was ok, but no Ozzy), but that may also be with music being less important in my life.
  • Ashley Simpson.  because I got arrested for public intoxication just when she came on.  And it was my birthday celebration.
  • the best concert I would have to say that I have ever been too, would have to be the very first one. My parents brought me to Steve Miller when I was 11, for my birthday. It was amazing, I've been to some other really good ones since then, Ozzfest, KISS, Everclear, but that was the best.
  •  Well... since there's quite a few I've gone to recently... and my boyfriend gave me an idea the other night... I'll go with my top 3.

    1. Marilyn Manson (January 19th, 2008) - even though my boyfriend will never see this... it literally was that amazing. The energy, and the effortless power Manson created to the crowd, smothered your every senses. How he was reflected. And how I got to spend that time with my boyfriends arms wrapped around me, him singing along to the songs... I didn't know them that well to even attempt to sing that well, but most definitely will be working on learning every one of them. To see him that happy, and for me to actually BE that happy... amazed me. It was just a fucking awesome experience... not just a show, it was something you needed to feel.

    2. My Chemical Romance (April 19th, 2007) - the best show I had ever seen... until Manson, but damn did it come close... it was spectacular, and breathtaking all at once. It was that feeling of being a part of it... to feel like a massive Army, set out to feel, disturb, destroy. It was being there, chanting along with every lyric... Gerard's energy was positively memerizing, and he kept you watching until you had to blink once again. You were there... and no matter where you were, you were close enough... for everything. Amazing... and something you will never forget, they are fucking animals live... and to be truthful... at no matter what age you are or will be someday, you will always be part of THAT Army.

    3. Foo Fighters (January 17th, 2008) - hello Daveeee... power packed. They gave you everything you wanted, and so much more. All the songs, and the messages... were fully felt and mutually expressed. Such a diverse crowd. The band was so much better than you would have thought. It was an adventurous ride, screaming lyrics louder than what you could hear. You never wanted the band to leave the stage, and literally pouted when they did the second time around. Literally, a two hour long show... a compelling moment of time where you knew you belonged.
  • hmmmm i would have to say maundy sunday at a church i used to go to. 100 person choir, and its free.
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