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Taking the good with the bad

What are your best and worst personality traits? Do you think your friends would agree?

Answers (594)

  • К себе не могу быть объективен , то этому лучшую черту не назову , а вот худшая по моему у меня это лень !

  • To be honest I don't exactly like myself, and strangely enough I am content, if not happy with that. Im fine with looking in the mirror and seeing someone I want to be better than, whom I want to change into something more. I am incomplete, which means I have something to strive for if nothing else. If when I am complete I will cease to grow as a person,  I would be happier remaining as I am, but anyway... you can see how I may have trouble perceiving something I find GOOD about myself... although recently a close friend of mine remarked something about me that I personally see as positive, she says I can read people, my closest friends or total strangers. She says sometimes I just look at people and its like I see everything about them. My worst personality trait I think is my tendency to be over analytical, I deconstruct the most mundane of things in my head so I know it back to front. In short, I think wwwaaaayyyy too much XD 

    I think that others can often tell more about yourself than you can. So as for accuracy, couldn't tell ya lol.

    I listen really well I interrupt and talk a lot
    I love with every thing I have I hate with every thing I have
    I'm compassionate I'm judgmental
    I hate intolerance I am inpatient
    caring vengeful
    Happy Gloomy outlooks

    Table generator

    I am so happy now lol. I just made my first html table! woohooo! ;)

  • Best: If I care about someone, I do it sincerely and am highly loyal. I'm very forgiving (which is also a bad thing sometimes, as some people abuse it when they notice it). I'm a good listener and easy to open up to. I don't have "need" for gossiping - if someone tells me something personal, I have no need to tell it  to others. I try my best to see things from different angles before judging, though like anyone, sometimes I can fail too, unfortunately. It's easy for me to get along with different kind of people - even those I don't necessarily like.

    Worst: I'm stubborn and sometimes certain type of pride goes over the top. :P I react unusually strongly (also a good thing about positive feelings, though). I get really easily affected by sad things happening in the World, even if they have nothing to do with me. (Sometimes it's good, but causes me lots of extra stress & sadness.) I get too easily provocated and when provocated, easily say things I regret later. And when I feel hurt, I can be extremely passive-aggressive. And I'm a rollercoaster, but I don't always find it as a bad thing - it makes life more interesting too. ;)

    Yes, I think my friends would agree... I guess. :D Do you? Tell me directly.
  • Worst personality traits? Me?

  • My best personality trait would be that I am understanding, and would help solve their problems if that problem is seriously big. My worst personality trait would be that I'm oversensitive, and even one facial expression from anyone can mean a lot of things in my head. My friends would probably agree. 

  • my worst  traits are pride, people pleasing, and insecurities


    But I'll put positive ones too cause I don't like leaving negative stuff.


    My best traits could be my compassion, empathy and ability to listen.

  • Эгоизм - это то, что позволяет мне добиваться целей и быть лучше всех, и то, что называют моей худшей чертой.
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