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Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Answers (692)

  • Justin Bieber. I just don't like him all that much, his music is kinda weak, and he looks like a kid. And the new hair cut he got as an attempt to look older just made me think he is trying a little to hard to be an adult. All that thugginess (yeah it's a word) is a facade, like seriously how hardcore could you be Bieber? I'm just saying. Don't hate me for it ( but I don't care if you do).

  • Most definitely Justin Beiber.. Really.. He's not that good!

  • Lady Gaga. :/

  • Битлз. Музыка и голоса не ахти, в словах мало смысла. Единственное, что мне нравится в них, так это то. что они стали вдохновителями большого количества действительно хороших музыкантов.

  • Аллу Пугачёву! Не могу понять, чего в ней нашли, что так превозносят. Голос вполне заурядный, а темы вообще одно безобразие, где-то рядом с приблатнённым шансоном.
    На мой взгляд, Валентина Толкунова или Майя Кристалинская от неё отличаются как небо от земли.

  • Possibly a very controversial choice, I think Lady Gaga is one of the most overrated musicians. Her music may be eccentric and "creative," but I have no doubt that no one would be lacking if she had not come along. The music industry is like a child with a short attention span - focuses on the most interesting thing, then moves on to the next. I am not personally bashing her, so refrain from bashing me. Her outlandish outfits seem to be nothing more than a vie for attention and continual celebrity status. She has also been quoted as saying that she refuses to see a therapist in fear of losing her "creativity." Mental illness is mental illness, folks, and I think she seriously needs to see one to make sure she is not suffering from any mental illness that could cause her harm. As for her music, Her songs are fun to dance to, but anyone can use autotune. Although, I do give her credit for her eccentric dance songs. 

    Note to Lady Gaga:At your performance involving blood issuing from your chest - even somewhat prudish me thought you could use a tampon for that.  
  • Several years ago the state of New York conducted a probe on payola practices by radio stations and record labels. I read the report and there were about 18 pages of payola practices involving Celine Dion's music. Since so many radio stations and radio DJ's had to be paid off in order to get her music played over the air instead of any of them out there actually wanting her music to actually be played over the air without being bribed then my vote goes to Celine Dion.

  • Justin Bieber. He's adorable, but I know more than a few boys just as cute. His music is commercial, nothing more.
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