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Coolest Feature on a Tablet

What do you think is the coolest feature of handheld tablets?

Answers (81)

  • I like the way that you can keep the bad thoughts away by looking at Nyancat on the internet and pretend you have a girlfriend by touching it in nightclubs. Also good is the way I can tell who is cool and groovy like me by seeing if they have a tablet. I like tablets. They keep the bad thoughts away, but Nursie says she might have to inject me next time because I don't always want to take them. I'll take the tablets Nursie! Don't use the spikey thing on me!!
  • Their ability to make your headache go away.

  • haha as a owner of a nook I have to say probably the fact that you can read books, play games and basically have amini computer right there in your hands.
  • as a shim for a short leg on a table. maybe im just too cynical, or maybe i just look at the big picture too much, or extrapolate the likely outcome of trends, but I'm not thrilled at all the the dumbing down instant access media world of today, and these stupid fucking hand helds are a big player in it. seems every new tech toy i get is just a little more dumbed down with more stupid features, asking more stupid questions, while being all the more unreliable, and lacking in durability. the proprietary shit is all the more annoying; i liked my samsung alltell phone, so why the fuck couldnt i keep that when i went to Verizon? why doesnt my chargers work with my new samsung phone? why is the new samsung phone less reliable than the old one? it is all infuriating, and generally im left with the feeling i can do little about it because the masses are so coddled and spoiled they just move along like the heard of sheeple they are. bah-ah-ah-ah
  • they make great cat toys.

  • The games definately.


    May all your wishes and dreams come true<3

  • What is the coolest feature of any technological device?.... Porn of course.
  • The fact that I don't have one, don't want one, and definitely don't need one. I have a laptop computer and an eReader with WiFi. What more would I need?

  • The fact that every few months my tablet driver craps out, and I have to reinstall it in order to use as as a tablet is THE MOST BOSS thing about by HP tablet PC.  I LOVE how the driver just randomly decides to not work, and I love how it's done that on the TWO that I've owned!
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