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If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would it be (and why)?

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  • Well i would have to say anything backstreet boys because i am a huge fan and i love there lyrics they write. Also because they have helped me a great great deal get over some really bad stuff in my life. Not to mention nick carter is hott! and i have met him 3 times. So id either have to say the chapter 1 hits album with there greatest hits or nick carter's im taking off....or just a burned cd with EVERYTHING BACKSTREET!!! because KTBSPA =Keep the backstreet pride alive!!!! these are my men! 4-life Love Love them tbsb 4 lyfe

  • Film music : Time Machine from Klaus Badelt

  • Passion White Flag. If I'm going to be stuck with only one album for the rest of my life- it better be something that will penetrate the depths of my spirit, ruin me, and rearrange me from the inside out.

    Plus, my life song from years and years and years ago has been rewritten into a version that is rockin' and far better than the original. I won't  be able to go back to the old version again...  

     ♫♫ ... No turning back...No turning back... ♫♫♫
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  •  Cascade 1st, then Deep, then Dust...
  • James, Laid

    James "Laid"

  • If I could only ever listen to one album for the rest of my life it would have to be The Very Best Of Cher. Each song somehow reminds me of one aspect of my life; whether it be wanting to take back a wrong, finding love, getting over someone who hurt you or about life lessons. Also, I wouldn't mind dancing the rest of my life.
  •  Deep by Peter Murphy!
  • I'd have to say Neil Young's album Freedom would be my chosen staple. I'd want something emotionally encompassing, which it fulfills; and it's been a meaningful signpost to me in the past. As long as I had my guitar, I could fill in on my other needs. I've always said Rush's titan Exit, Stage Left is my all-time favourite album, but aside from being technically stunning (Peart's solo in YYZ leaves my head spinning) it doesn't have the emotional depth I need at this age. Other considerations: Breakfast in the field - Michael Hedges Blues for Allah - Grateful Dead Trios - Rob Wasserman Shady Grove - Garcia and Grisman Kid A - Radiohead The wall - Pink Floyd Rust never sleeps, On the beach - Neil Young Misplaced childhood - Marillion Permanent waves - Rush
  •  This is a pretty tough question for me. With me I have a handful of favorite albums, but if I had to choose one it would probably be My Chemical Romance's second album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge." I remember I was first exposed to MCR when I watched the premiere of their video for Helena. After that I was hooked and, the following day, went out to purchase the cd. Every song on the album is AMAZING (which is something not all bands achieve) and no matter how many times I listen to it it never gets old. My MCR collection has since grew as well as my musical horizons, but this cd is one that I always come back to time after time and will always be a classic in my eyes.  
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