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So close to reality.

Imagine an online game which is so close to reality, that you can feel and touch your opponent. What sport, activity or game would you want to play?

Answers (180)

  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • Well, avoiding the obvious... I was thinking about this very thing not too long ago. A medical game would be ideal for something where touch was needed; the Trauma Center series already exists and the tools used make the surgeries feel real. Actually touching a patient would be really bizarre and interesting for those of us who have shaky hands and, as a result, can't go on to a medical career. I'd also think, if the effect of being shot were toned down, a game where you played as a police officer would be good. It'd be cool to pat down/restrain suspects, examine evidence, and just feel the everyday things a typical officer feels.

  • Quidditch!!!:) I'm a harry potter addict X 10!
  • battleship.

  • I am still more taken with space combat games and maybe games that simulate the whole fly to another planet, fight enemies on the way, land and explore and encounter, take off, do it all again   kind of thing.

  • Something fantasy based in a Medieval style universe. With swords. And magic. Dude, that would be so fricking epic. I'd game all the time.

  • Mario Kart, although I'm so bad at racers that I'd probably end up in the hospital. But I'd love the feel of racing in those tiny carts and shooting shells at other players.
  • Well that seems slightly scary... I mean what about those people that play those "dating" type games.... yeah. odd.
  • Sex. (lol)

  • Majora's Mask, hands down. Everyone wearing different masks and having a jolly old time.
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