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Lassie, come home!

Have you ever had a pet that ran away? Did you eventually find her or him? If not, how long did it take you to recover?

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  • У меня не пропадали,у меня умирали((((то собака загрызёт,то от неизлечимой болезни умирали(((А так...только если гуляли и всё...

  • One day my pet rabbit just disappeared. We found it in the water pipe closet outside our house, all dried up.

  • Aww this is always sad to talk about..but a couple years back I lost the one thing that was saved from this huge fire that burnt down my old house. All my precious pictures and memories were destroyed but that one creature. Her name was zoey and she was the best dang dog any little girl could have. when we had to move into my gpas house we were shocked he allowed pets bcause he hates dogs. Well afterwhile when things had dies down My whole family went to olive garden for the night. When we got home i noticed it was oddly quiet. I usually come home to a loud exciting bark but silence was all i heard. Ofcourse i didnt want to believe anything was wrong so I forgot about it and went to bed. Next day after school my parents sat me down and had told me they couldnt find her. At the age that i was i couldnt believe all closets things to me were gone. we put posters, called animal shelters nothing. My dad didnt stop looking for zoey till almost 6 months finally they just gave up. But I havent,I still believe shes out there..somewhere safe and sound and alive..I know some kind person probably picked her up. Sure there not kind enough to notify the animal shelter. But somewhere either here or in heaven shes has a nice loving family. And thats basicly how i recoverd, and to this day I still tell myself that.

  • I had a cat named Sorsha.. she was an Abyssinian, beautiful in sight, but absolutely evil in spirit. The bathroom window on the second floor was accidentally left open one day and she found herself on the lower roof of our porch overlooking the deck. I don't know honestly how she managed to get down, but my assumption would lead me to believe that she either jumped from the roof to the porch or from the roof to the yard. Regardless, she was free. The family was deeply upset by her leaving even though she was a tempermental bitch (hate to speak poorly of her, but it was the truth). We all loved this cat regardless of the fact that she despised us. We put food out on the porch every night and day to try to lure her back home. This didn't work. We next tried to put a humane animal trap out that would hopefully catch her. We didn't manage to catch her, but in the morning we did find a very pissed off wild cat that had managed to get into the trap (probably due to the food that we had used at bait). We printed up fliers and hung them wherever applicable. My brother and I even went door to door with pictures, fliers, and teary eyed faces asking if anyone had seen or caught our beloved pet. A neighbor said that she had seen Sorsha around the neighborhood which gave us hope that she was still alive. Roughly two months went by (it was the start of summer when she went missing) until one day we went to go out to the car to leave for whatever reason. Laying in front of our car was Sorsha. She was alive, but barely.. She died shortly after we found her. We ended up burying her in our yard.

    Thinking back on this, it sorta reminds me of the book "Where the Red Fern Grows" in the sense that she drug herself back to the place that she loved and called home. Depressing. I do miss her though.
  • I've recently(ish) made myself get back into reading - MAKING Time to read, as I've missed it sooooo much!!! I've read quite a few books of late, all of which I loved, but of course some more than others!!! Here are my thoughts on each of the books I've read (and a star rating out of 5)... "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen: So far my favorite of the bunch...  BRILLIANT!! 5 stars!!! Loved it from page one!!! Couldn't put it down, didn't want it to end!!! When it did I cried "But I want to know more of the story!!!" I thought this book was amazing!! The story of Jacob and Marlena (and of course dearest Rosie the elephant), along with other characters, was obviously one I couldn't relate to, as I've never been that much into circuses. I think it's animal cruelty - just look at August and his treatment of Rosie. Though, that was 1931 and no doubt the treatment of the animals is different now, but still. I don't think animals should be forced to perform!!! I cannot wait for "Water for Elephants" to hit the cinema in April, I'll be at the box office for sure!! As much as I love Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, I really hope they bring out the story and do the book proud!!!   "Before I Fall"  by Lauren Oliver: A great book - brilliant debut novel... I'd give this one 4.5 stars!!! I thought when I read the cover that this would get a little tedious, seeing as Sam, the main character, has to live the same day over several times. But the author handled the repeats really well, injecting (injecting? Big word for me) enough change through Sam's actions, to make it interesting and not have the reader think  "here we go again!" I was so... to be continued. Maybe!!! HEY!!! WHERE'D THE REST OF THIS ENTRY GO??? I had another 5 book reviews here!! Why didn't they save??? The books I'd read and reviewed were "Fallen" and "Torment" by Lauren Kate, "Hush, Hush" and "Crescendo" by Becca Fitzpatrick, "The Demon Trappers Daughter (also known as Forsaken)" by Jana Oliver and was about to add the "Evernight" series by Claudia Grey!! I must admit all of these ran along the same lines (vampires, werewolves, angels and demons). I did love them all though. And I can't wait for the final books in the trilogies ("Passion" by Lauren Kate and "Silence" by Becca Fitzpatrick) and the second "Demon Trappers Daughter" book "Forbidden" by Jana Oliver - who I have to say is so lovely!! I often chat with her on Facebook. She actually takes the time to talk to her readers, which is sweet!! :) I won't bother rewriting the reviews for those books now. Maybe another day...

  • Actually yes. XD My goat ran away once. We used to have two of them, Beachy and Milyway. They were both always jumping out of their pen. One day Beachy got out. We went out to feed them, and she was gone, and Milky was wandering around the driveway. We called animal control about it, and then really just had to wait. It was fairly late when they finally called us back. They asked if our goat had a bandanna around it's neck, and indeed she did. The ironic thing was, apparently where was another family in the area who lost a goat, and theirs had a bandanna as well, so we had to go and identify her so we knew it was our goat. XD Turned out that it was. I'm not sure if the other family found their goat or not. I hope so. :\

  • My cat Milo ran away 10 days after we got him, in the summer of 2009. Turns out he was in my aunties barn down the road all along. It took 11 days to catch him i think. He must of learnt his lesson though, as he's never ran off since :)

  • I have a cat. My cat name is Chittu , she ran away from my house when she was 8 month. We were upset but at the same she came back home at bout 1 am. We were so happy and we really thank god for sending her back too..

  • Да...Помню, как  в детстве у меня убежал мой любимый хомячок, когда я  отдыхала в деревне, в большом деревянном доме. Искали его долго всей семьей, безрезультатно. На следующий день был запланирован сбор не успевших дозреть помидоров. Я помогала маме укладывать их в коробки и в валенки (есть такой способ дозаривания помидор). Вы можете представить , как я кричала , когда в валенке мою руку кто -то укусил???Вот так и  был найден беглец.
  • I can only think of 2 pets that I've had that ran away. 1. When I was about 7, my alligator lizard ran away. Well, first it bit me on the thumb and then it ran away in the backyard. I remember being upset -- not because I was bleeding (which I was) or because my thumb hurt (which it did) but because I couldn't chase after him. I wasn't overly upset though. He was my pet, but he was also wild -- as in I found him in the yard -- and I never really planned on keeping him for a long time. 2. Right before and I got married, my iguana (Ra) escaped from the apartment. We think he got out the dryer vent. I was pretty upset because I'd had him for several years, including most of college. The theory is that the people in the house/apartment next to ours found him and lied about it. I still feel a little guilty about Ra running away because I'd left him at the apartment in advance of moving in. was there, but I just feel like I should have known that Ra might have been able to escape through the dryer vent...
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