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If you could spend one summer anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

Answers (512)

  • Northern Asia or Oceania

  • Um. Can it not be entirely in one place, but doing a related thing? Because what I REALLY want to do is go to Britain and check out the old medieval waterworks I've read about-and see the remains of this tidal mill they excavated up by the Thames a couple of years ago, if it's still around. I want to go to at least one or two monasteries and see their set-ups, how much has survived, and how it's been improved on. I've read that some of the old tunnels under the streets are still extant, though not used; and I'd love to explore one, to see how the corners and turns were handled. How smooth were they? Because of water hammer, they had to put in the equivelent of junction boxes; but how widely-used were they? ETC.

    If I can't do that, I want to go to Italy. I want to go up into the mountains to find the source of an acquaduct and follow it down into a city; I want to see with my own eyes if it's covered or open (because the channels could be either). I want to see how the water is handled once it's at its destination, too-how much of the older architecture is extant and used, and how the modern technology fits with it.

    I'm reading "Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel" again right now, and it's feeding the fire, lol.

  • в париже)
    идеальный город с идеальными возможностями для проведения не только незабываемого отпуска ,но и всей жизни)

  • If I could spend one summer anywhere it would definitely be Greece. Not sure which part but I've wanted to go to Greece forever. I love the culture and history behind the place. I'd also love to see the places where some of my favourite myths took place. Greek mythology has always been my favourite. And ancient Greek society was so advanced I mean they had indoor plumbing long before anyone else. Of course then it was lost but still... I'd love to see all the historical sights and the place is beautiful. Nice blue ocean, rocky cliffs, beaches. *Sigh* Perfect. I can't wait till I get there some day.

  • If I could spend a summer anywhere in the world, I'd like to spend it in Brookfield, Wisconsin with my family.  Since I don't get to go home too often, I think this would be a good thing for me/

  • London. And I would never come back. It's my "heart home".

  • Romania So I could hike the Carpathian mountains. (I had interest in them ever since I saw pictures of them) Budapest, Hungary, all those countries.

    New Zealand.

    Anywhere not hot. LOL.

  • I'd spend it in Erie, Pennsylvania where all of my coolest Xbox friends reside. :3

  • In Middle-earth at its First Age.
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