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Snow chic.

What’s your favorite way to stay looking chic in winter?

Answers (118)

  • Form fitting black winter coat  skinny jeans, and equestrian  boots. :)

  • I would have to say... Adorable boots, wrap a cute scarf around my neck and a light but warm form fitting jacket. Nobody says being warm has to make you look like an eskimo!
  • Wrapping myself up in layers of tinfoil accented with Mardi Gras beads. The foil must be tin - cheap aluminum simply will not do!

  • Hahhh, my boots! :]
  • Definitely: Skinny jeans, boots, and pea coat :)

  • I don't have one.

  • I love leggings. They are the best. leggings and cable knit dress. cute pair of fuzzy boots.

  • You're kidding, right?

    I won't look chic until the tragically-nerd-tastic-lesbian-with-chia-pet-hair look comes into fashion. Which will be never, if this world has any sanity at all. Also, I live in California. The only change in my clothing during winter is that I am, in fact, physically capable of wearing the button-down shirt + tie combo with relative frequency and also not dying of heatstroke. Which is nice, but not intended in any way to be chic.

    The only time anyone has accused me of trying in any way to be fashionable, we were on a playground, and I'm pretty sure she was trying to be insulting, as she was, at the time, my mortal foe. Looking back at it, there's pretty much no logical explanation for that conversation except that she was jealous of my skort. There is seriously no other reason for her to have said what she did. It made no sense.

    So, um. Point is: me =/= chic. FFS.
  • wear a lot of black. i just aim for warmth.

  • A great coat and a nice pair of boots. But most of the time I dress for comfort.
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