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Snack attack

What food would you never put in your mouth for any reason, and why?

Answers (790)

  • raw oysters....cuz they look like...well...when you have a bad cold...lol   
  • Beef and pork. Cows and pigs are mammals! And because of pig's high intelligence and it is actually a smart animal. Sorry I can not eat them!
  • durian i dont like the smell, ginger to tangy, and some sweet stuff i can eat chocolate reese cups but not full chocoloate bars full of chocolate, milk and chocolate milk i will puke! Chocoloate ice cream no and mac and cheese unless i make it myself. Alfredo too rich.

  • I would never, under any circumstances put any kind of seafood in my mouth. There are two reasons for the decision. Firstly, I am severely allergic to seafood. A few new years ago I ended up in the emergency room because my father convinced me to at least try it before deciding I didn't like it; he still feels guilty to this day. The second reason would be that I feel I have a moral obligation to NOT eat it. Now I don't sit up on a high-horse basing my actions upon moral values pushed upon me by others; in fact I would say I have close to no moral values aside from this. However, you don't stick a live cow in an oven to eat it so I don't believe in cooking lobsters and crabs alive. To me that is just cruel and inhumane. They also put a wooden stick up the lobster's rear end and up through its body so as to make sure that the tail doesn't curl. So in conclusion, I will never eat seafood (again) because of my allergy to it as well as my loose moral obligation.
  • pigs feet... :S gross ...

  • Anything with raisins XP I really don't know why, I use to like them as a kid but now BLAH!!

  • змей, кузнечиков ,личинок и т.д

  • Bananas because I've convinced myself I am allergic to them. Plus they smell funky.

    Last time I ate one, I was around 3 and running around and pretending to be a monkey. Then I threw up.

  • куру гриль из супермаркета.фаст фуд

  • I would never eat something that stares back at me, be it a pig or a fish. It's just scary to look into eyes of something dead and even scarier to eat it. I would feel like a murderer. Also, I wouldn't eat something that contains insects. It's just too creepy.
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