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Are there any subjects you either embrace or totally avoid talking about when you meet someone new?

Answers (463)

  • I don't think so.....  have to be a big reason b'hin.
  • depends on both situation and the stranger. All back to the stranger, if they don't even want to talk, how can i even start up a conversation? Given how the situation that the stranger might have experienced. That's what i learn in Livejournal.

  • I talk about art, my sports, my courses at school, hobbies. Im fine with talking about the country i came from, telling how long'  I've been here. Its actually complicated, I went back and forth. I say my litle monologue "came when i was 5, went back when i was 8, then came back here at the end of 5th grade" speech. However i really hate one question. I would give up a lot of material stuff to never have to answer it again.
    "So do you like it in the U.S. or Russia better?"  Never ask me that. please. I usually say somehting like "each place has its ups and downs". But i hate that question. Here's my honest answer: fine, the U.S. is wealthier, people live in huge houses an drive on smooth roads in big cars. I know its more comfortble in terms of material possessions. But Russia is where I was born, and i think it will always feel like home. I mean i don't want to offend anyone or anything. One of the people who understood me was, suprisingly, my guidance counselor. Or she said she understood. I mean im not a fan of guidance counselors, but she's nice.
  • About religion and politics

  • На самом деле, я считаю, что мне нельзя говорить с людьми. 
    Особенно утром. 
    НИ В КОЕМ СЛУЧАЕ утром.

    утром видеть меня опасно для жизни.
    За исключением, правда, нескольних людей...
  • я ужасно люблю, когда человек с любовью рассказывает мне о своей жизни, работе, увлечениях, взаимоотношениях... А вот чего избегаю - зависит от собеседника ))))

  • why you are such a nerd! :P i think its on everybody's mind but i try to avoid it 

  • i dont mind talking about anything especiall the person likes and dislikes but i hate it whe nall they can talk about is fashion, now that irritates me and im fed up

  • i want to know abt the person's here and now very soon, how they r doing currently, their character in general, and i dont have problems talking about anything otherwise, i like to hear the other person to talk cause i can listen.

  • Hi. I'm new here and I'm opinionated.

    To break the ice, I thought this might be a great live journal question to answer in the midst of my fellow opinionated community friends.

    Before I answered this question, though, I thought I better do a quick google search and find out the topics that SocialWayne.com recommends I avoid on social network sites (just to see if I’m on track socially).

    Here are the 9 topics he recommends I avoid…

    1. Politics
    2. Race
    3. Sex in general
    4. Gay Marriage
    5. Sexual preference
    6. Religion
    7. Porn
    8. Past Jobs
    9. General complaining on the Job

    So, how do I measure up socially?

    I have some very strong opinions about each of those topics, but on most of those things I keep silent, unless specifically asked.

    There is, however, one thing on which I will not keep silent.

    The good news of Jesus Christ.

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