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It Was Only A Dream

Have you ever had a dream so certain it happened? What was it?

Answers (150)

  • I actually woke up and, later that day - AND AGAIN DURING THE WEEK because I was SO CONVINCED - I looked in my dresser drawer for the bag of cookies I "had bought and stashed there" so my roommates wouldn't find them and so I wouldn't see them all the time and be tempted to eat them all at once. I looked SO MANY TIMES for those cookies. I'm not joking. Because they were "in my drawer" I kept figuring they were just covered by clothes. Or, at one point, I checked to see if they'd fallen down behind my drawer. True story. I was also on meds that made me forget everything that happened in real life, but dream vividly, so life was VERY confusing for a while there. But I WANTED MY DAMN COOKIES. *0*;;;

  • What does this question even mean? If it's asking if the responder has a had a dream that seemed to have been real, yes. But I wouldn't be surprised if most people have experienced that.

  • Strangely enough, yes. It was a very, very long time ago - I think I was about three or four. Mom and I were driving in a car, on a road just going through some flat, green countryside. I had a crappy sense of depth perception when I was that age. Comes from being tiny and having to look up at everyone and everything. Just flat, green countryside, and we were just talking. The Eiffel Tower was ahead of us, stretched across the road. We drove under it, kept right on talking, kept right on driving.

    I don't remember why, but I argued that point with Mom for years. I kept insisting, again and again - "we drove under the Eiffel Tower that one time". I think it was because I thought the Eiffel Tower just looked really similar to a telephone tower when I was that age, so i didn't see how impossible this was. After all, why couldn't there have been an Eiffel Tower here in Florida? I think I kept insisting until I was about twelve.

    I remember the strangest things about being little. I had a very strange time of it, being little, so I guess that makes sense.
  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Last night I dreamt that my husband had his arm too tightly around me and I coudln't breathe. I tried to poke, prod, and finally ended biting him to get him to movie it, and he still didn't wake up. So I YELLED his name really loud...for real. That woke us both up!
  • Haha.... I remember when I was a kid( I still am...) and I had this weird yet awesomely dream that I was FLYING!!

    It seemed REALLY realistic even though it was in third person.... I know this because I saw myself fly...

    I just thought "FLY!" in my head and I floated above my.... couch.... in the living room.

    The dream seemed so realistic, I honestly and truthfully told my mom back then ( honestly and truthfully saying what I have seen, not emphasizing how weird I was) "Mommy! Look! I can REALLY fly! Just watch me!" And I was thinking so hard about flying that my eyes were squeezing.... And my mom was just looking at me weirdly like O_o. I was all Gaow!!! I did it Yesterday! Why can't I do it!

    And to top this all off, lets put in a fitting song!


    Yay!! And whats weird is, I still think hard about flying to attempt once again, for the billionth time so I can float above my mom's sofas.


    -Swirl / DoveTheKit
  • It's a good thing that my dreams aren't real.

  • Archivist, this in one of the LJ sltz I told you about. The register situation/problem is unchanged. Nevertheless, we can at least easily locat locate (hah !!!) the Dreame Entry. Criitique plese here.........soryy about then white-out, perhaps....maybe not....actually I am not sorry.(Ames and g~mc working the LJ format for Summary Entry foprmat during 5771:04.17 which was estimated from a g~mc hand calculation/)
  • I was located somewhere in an outside mall area, with a lot of unattended vehicles with their keys still inside the ignition. I was a part of a group of zombies who, every wave of people who came through, would infect them and continue going, trying our best not to get killed (even though we were dead already?) I know this seems pretty out there and how could i think that this isn't real, but i made really good friends with my group of zombies and we were all trying to get out of this mall area and back home, and trying to find some kind of cure to make us human again. one of the guy zombies got into this nice black van/ armor thing and we all squeezed inside of it, trying not to run any humans over. there were so many of them! when we left the gates of the mall, we had maybe 20 cars following us with constant gun firing and bullets spewing everywhere. the guy zombie driver couldn't control the car for much longer because of the humans packing heat behind us, so the car just flipped over with us inside of it and caught on fire. i crawled out in time, everyone else didn't. i was becoming surrounded by a bunch of human folk who were about to kill me, even when i kept trying to tell them that i wouldn't eat them! that's when i woke up haha and i was so certain all of that had happened : /

  • Usually it tends to be things I am certain will happen.
  • That my aunt and uncle got divorced. I dreamt in 2003 that Aunt Jane was packing up and leaving the house after a big fight, leaving my two cousins behind. Two years ago, it actually happened. Like the dream Aunt Jane had been fighting with my uncle for some time now and eventually left him. He also had custody of his two kids, Ryan and Alex. Now she's in a new relationship from what I understand and found out that she had a daughter with another man a long time ago...It's just shocking and disturbing what you find out about your family sometimes. And right now I'm having another one...consisting of a recurring dream where I was reunited with an old friend from a distant past and fell in love with him. I also had a child with him a year later named Amelia Lucille. It just feels so certain yet so far away. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens around Christmas since that's when the relationship began in my dreams on at least two occasions... some of it almost seemed God provided. How strange.
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