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Bold Textured Looks

What are your rules for mixing different textures of clothing?

Answers (104)

  • Anything goes as long as it looks okay but more importantly is that it is comfortable.
  • Cranberry sauce goes on top of pumpkin pie. The order of the layers is very important. Never mix Cool Whip with real whipped cream - people will Notice.

  • I have none.

  • I don't even understand this question. I guess I'm a bigger fashion retard than I previously thought.
  • I do "follow" the rules somewhat, but otherwise, I try to mix textures when it just "fits" and the colors are "good" together. That way, it looks "put-together" even if it isn't in "style" anymore. Most of the time, I go where I want to go.

  • I dunno GAP, your questions get more and more inane.
    I really don't have a lot of textures of clothes... Umm, I guess I never mix my clothes made of rock with those made of gelatin. and I try to never mix those like glass with those like mylar balloon material (I mean like mylar and anything similar)  BUT T-shirt and jeans go with anything, oh except that hard cold steel windbreaker.  Oh, I can't do without my rough-side-in sandpaper.
    Thanks for this highly inspiring question I am sure that I will always go forth from now on making new clothing rules, especially along the lines of texture.
    Again I do suggest that for questions that weren't really targeted to me the authors should put in an addressing like, "Helloooo, mental patients who think they're Ronald Reagan", "People with boy/girlfriend's right now", or "Please respond to this if you are currently choking on a cheeseburger."  Otherwise you might get a pissy, useless answer.

    Hi Sharla

  • The old fashioned rule of one texture/print in the outfit. It can go on the top or bottom, but the opposite piece should just be a solid then. End of story.
  • Textures? What's that? You mean there's more than jeans and T-shirts?
  • I try not to mix anything with clothes from the GAP. That's my basic rule, GAP. I did take my kids in one once though, to look at what they had, see how much it was and then see how much more we could get for the same $$ at Target. So in that respect, your store was a good lesson on budgeting and the stupidity of paying extra for name brands.
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