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Writer's Block

Dream or Reality?

What do you think really happened at the end of the movie Inception? Have you ever had a dream that you confused with reality?

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  • I honestly don't know.

    Well, if you're going to go with the dream-theory, I think that Cobb either had a dream on the plane (Which makes sense because nobody really talked to him afterwards) or he's still asleep in Mombasa (You know, the scene where they're in the basement and Cobb went under to see what the sedatives could do)

    If you want to go with it's all true, well, I think that it sort of speaks for itself. The kids had different clothes and were different actors.

    Of course, the end is good without the twist, because if you think about it, Cobb gets a happy ending no matter what. And the ending is so awesome because it shocks (or kicks) you out of the movie (or the dream). A great ending just with those two ideas in mind.

    I feel like I put too much thought into this.

  • I just watched Inception again, and I am still confused because I didn't quite hear all of the things that were said,
    but I have my ideas, but nothing for certain...
    it is all just made up, anyway, so who is to say what 'really' happened, because it never happened to begin with!

    but yeah, I've had dreams that I have confused with reality.
    usually it's not right after the dream, though, but much later.
    when I am trying to recall something and think that a detail in a dream was real.
    or am uncertain if it was real or if it was a dream.

  • It seems more like a dream, than a reality. The reason I think so is because the movie ended with the same scene that the movie started with. Dreams are often repetitive. And Inception reminds me of this one House episode I watched today; it was a repeat episode where House had gotten shot and something happened to his nervous system due to this chemical in his system, and it messed with the part of the brain that makes a distinction between thinking and reality, or rather dreams and reality. And the same episode structure happened as in the movie Inception, the end was the same as the start.  And dreams can happen within seconds... So it seems to me that it was a dream.
    I've had dreams that I confused with reality. Mostly because the dreams were like things that would happen in real life. It's easy to lose the distinction between real and dreaming; the only way you can tell: Smell, pain, taste, touch.
  • Dorothy clicked her heels three times while repeating "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." Then she woke up in her sled, which for some reason was named Rosebud.
  • i believe he was dreaming. thus confusing his dream with reality. i once did the opposite, convinced myself that my reality was a dream. it was so well done, that i filed that dream away with all my other forgettable dreams. i let it sit there. forgotten. i convinced myself that my horrible reality was a dream and then repressed the memory of the dream. only to be remembered, abruptly. in a moment that was similar to the dream, but suppose to be full of happiness. and when it was remembered years later...it caused more pain than i have ever felt in all of my being. it knocked the wind out of my lungs. buckled my legs at my knees. lumped the pit of my stomach. parched my mouth. and drained my tear ducts. and then time passed as if the wind blew it along. and here we are. ________ i look back...and all of my existence now feels like a dream. it makes it all hurt less. life was better when life was just a dream.
  • I can honestly see it going either way, but in the end I don't think it mattered. Cobb was happy that he had his kids, and I think him walking away from the totem before he knew just proved that he didn't care anymore. Props to Nolan for another great movie. Most of the dreams that I have are generally common day events. I often wake up wondering if that had been just another day or a dream, so yes, I have confused one with reality before.

  • Sadly I remember the details of a dream all too much better than iI remember the details of life sometimes...Sometimes the dreams feel so vivid and reall life like that I swear it must have happened. 
    because maybe i want themto happen in real life too but i wake up knowing no way that could ever really happen as happy as i may have been in the dream haha it was just a beautiul nightmare that comes and comes again becuase it's becoming apart ofme where i think of these strange dreams... where I try to find myself in someonelse ...
    but i refuse to believe my dreams are what i want and just laugh at them because if anything they also entertain and amuse me, i'm glad to have them still but i dont really care for what they might really mean about me
  • This has no relationship at all with Writer's Block.  Why is it part of the title?  I have had dreams that I have had to ask the people involved if it did indeed happen or was a dream.  It most cases it was a dream, or so they reassured me.  One event, still, from the past, I am sure was reality.  My life involves psychoactive medications at times, so this could be a mititgating factor.  But my life remains interesting, not just to me.

  • This is one of the few things Steve and I disagree on . . I tend to believe that Cobb is in reality, because you can clearly see the top wobble, so I'm sure it was going to fall. Although I must admit that the end seemed strangely and suspiciously like a memory . . if I hadn't of seen that top wobble, I'd surely say he was still in a dream. But the top never wobbled when he spun it before . . plus when tops wobble, they'll usually always fall, it's just gravity.

    It's not like I'm not a fan of tragic endings (I'm a Fatal Frame fan, for crying out loud), but it just doesn't make sense if he were still in a dream. I guess the ending was really made to make the viewer think. In fact, the whole movie makes the viewer think. Unfortunately a lot of people don't like to do that, therefore it seems a lot of people don't like this movie . .

    Oh, and I wouldn't be worried about spoiling people, I'm sure this makes practically no sense if you haven't seen the movie . .xD; Other than the ending is up to the viewer
  • The end of that movie pissed me off so much that I hate the whole thing. Thus, I don't really care, sorry.
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