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Dress to Impress

What's your dream outfit for a holiday party this year?

Answers (133)

  • Pajamas, as I have no intention of partying. I am looking forward to hunkering down with some Christmas spirits and classic Christmas films.

  • Invisible cloak.
  • It is not a dream. I wore it on Thursday. My little black dress, which is skintight and mid thigh length, with ruching up the sides and mesh over the shoulders and chest, and a keyhole at the breastbone. Black leggings underneath, because it's NY in December. Black cowboy boots, because no one north of Kentucky wears them here and I stood out.

  • I beautiful flowing dress to wear to a special Christmas event (:

  • my dream outfit would be to wear a beautiful christmas dress. i am heavy and have stuggled with my wieght i would like to be in better shape by christmas now i know i cant lose 30pds by christmas but i would be happy with 10 or 15. i dont know how likey that is to happen but its what i want. probably something short sleeved knee length green or silver or red flowy and loose but not too loose. with a u neck i think it is called. and some nice shoes. :)
  • My dream outfit would be...sleepwear! Ahahahahaha!!!! Seriously, I really don't feel like "dolling up" for the holidays. All I want to wear are comfortable clothes, and sleepwear is the BEST!
  • A neon costume made from LED lights and reflective tape (in honor of Tron Legacy).

  • Hmmm, I've always loved champagne dresses. I'm thinking of a satin gold dress with a chiffon layer covered with sparkly gold stars. Add little gold roses to the top of the dress and a cream bolero and you're set. I love designing dresses, I have a whole collection of designs xD

  • My white sweater dress !

  • Since I don't really go to any holiday parties that I need to dress up for I'll talk about what I'm wearing for the Christmas service this year. :D I got this lacey, reddish dress from Target that I plan on wearing with knitted tights! Now I just need to figure out the shoes and hopefully it won't be that cold so I won't have to worry about a jacket... but if I did have to worry about a jacket then a black longish peacoat would be nice. :)
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