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Ready For My Close-Up?

How do you respond when someone asks to take your picture?

Answers (152)

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  • I find something to hide behind and hope they go away. Unless they give me an ultimatium.....then I'll pose nicely. but I hate being in photos.
  •  Are really wanting that new camera THAT Bad?
  • Well that depends on who it is that wants to take my photo. If its just some random person at the mall, I will first ask them.."what is this picture for?" But rarely I say "no." to getting my picture taken.(to a friend OR stranger.) Because I think of it like this, Pictures make memories, and memorires last forever. So its like staring in the history book of someones life. And I absoloutly love the consept of doing just that! Wanna take my picture? Go ahead. =]
  •  Normally, I'm not in the mood for pictures taken by other people unless I'm feeling extremely pretty..which is not often. Usually, it is me that is taking pictures of my friends. I'm photographer for a club at school, and I'm rarely in the pictures, but I get pictures of everyone else..it's pathetic how ugly I think I am.
  • it really all depends on the person behind the camera
  •  Make sure I am acting natural or what kind of moment are you trying to capture.
  • I really never look good when I get my picture taken, or so I think.  My friends swear it's fine, but I still hate having my picture taken.  I usually hide my face, which results in me looking more stupid, but whatever.  Just today, for example, my friend came up to take my picture with her cell phone, and I hid my face behind "To Kill a Mockingbird," which, by the way, is an awesome book.
  • More often than not, this is a thing that makes most every girl stop for a moment and take a few mental notes ie what do I look like, how long will they keep this picture etc.  I can be casual with it.  But I will ask for a moment and without a word pull my hair in front of my shoulders.  I hesitate then stretch out a smile. As the flash goes off I I  remember how two of my closest friends will push arms away exclaiming it will mean the price of their soul.  
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