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Holiday Style Trends

Faux fur, scarves, cardigans, paperbag skirts… what are your favorite holiday style trends this year?

Answers (76)

  • Okay, my fave 2010 trend is the eccentric beanie. Sock Monkey, Penguin, raccoon, koala, fox, cat, mouse, etc.
  • Test answer from Sergei.
  • cardigans consistently win my heart.
  • All these fashion blocks that I've been seeing in my f-list recently has driven me to fill one out, too. This is funny, but I never really cared about fashion until I started working in graphic design about 10 years ago. It's one of those industries that, sadly, people treat you accordingly on how you dress. I was lucky in having some nice co-workers that had a genuine heart to help me out (well, that was before they sold their souls to the cooperate machine and became bat-wonky nuts). I'm a bit neutral on the cardigans, I do ware them with flouncy-fronted, sleeveless tops... but, like I said, I'm sitting on the fence on this. But, my absolute favorite in the sweater department is the re-issuing of cowl neck sweaters. I remember them being very popular back in the 80s and even having one that I wore one Christmas back in the 80s hey-day. Now, they look even better on me since I've now been sporting a 'pixie shag' for quite a few years, it shows off my face/neck very well. I put one on, layer it with a frilly, colored, thin strap tank-top (or a 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt, depending on how long the sweater sleeves are) and I'm good to go. Sometimes, a belt might have to go, as well. Though, the relapse of flannel shirts have been giving me these weird, pot-hazed flashbacks to my 1993 high-school days. Schwing... Digressing a bit, though. My 'pixie shag', also, has a side effect... me wearing a lot of scarves to keep my neck warm. For me, gotta have bright, jewel tones. They look awesome on me and the fact that I tend to wear a lot of bright colors in the winter because it brighten up my gloomy, cloud-layers Lake Erie days of Northern Ohio. Faux fur –mostly jackets– is something that I've been wearing long before it became popular (again). The “thing that I didn’t like at first, but now love after I tried them on” are the 'cowboy booties'. For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, these are cowboy-style boots that reach to the high ankle/lower calf. They look cute with my supply of boot flair jeans. Yes, in the winter I practically live in my 'Deployed to Iraq' boots (dude, I even teach in them, which blow some kids’ minds), but I'm a shoeophile. I have to wear other types of footwear or I'll go nuts. Now, getting to the negatives... The only two Holiday trends that I don't wear are skinny jeans and any type of skirt. I don't ware skinny jeans because they make me look shorter then what I am. I'm just barely 5" even, and the bagginess of flairs covering my feet gives me an illusion that I'm taller (thank you Red Book for this hint). That, and I have a serious Jay-Lo booty, to boot. I just flat-out refuse to wear skirts. This is only because I did, for a while, attend a Catholic school that required us to wear them day in/day out. I wore them so much that I had my fill of them after I left. Plus, I don't like wearing anything that's knee-high or shorter. I have reasons (and it's not because I don't like short skirts).

  • I'm sorry, what? Paperbag skirts. Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me that the name has nothing to do with the actual item itself. (Post-google) Oh thank you sweet jesus. Why the hell would I care?! I'm male, thus am impervious of fashion. In fact, to prove my manhood, I'm going to state a minor factoid. I don't even know what a scarf IS! Yes, I have heard of the object. Hell, I've seen them in use. But that does NOT mean I comprehend them!
    Hell, Faux fur? The hell is that? (Post-google) Wait, you mean like fake fox hide clothes? Didn't they stop wearing that, y'know, back a few hundred years ago? Who kills animals for CLOTHING these days, right? I just don't understand it.

    For one, how did jeans become a fashion? They don't stain easily, and I suppose it wasn't 'till after the depression that they started gaining some popularity, but still. These days, EVERYONE wears them! I just... just don't understand fashion. It doesn't make any sense for people to wear fur anymore. I mean, sure, kill a cow and eat it for food. Fine, I love beef, hamburgers and steak, fine yeah. But wear leather? Uhm, I guess. I dunno, it just seems like a silly thing to do, if you don't have to that is. Indians used to wear buffalo heads, but you won't see THAT in fashion.
    ...No, Lady Gaga, that was SARCASM, not a fashion tip.
    I swear, that woman represents everything WRONG with this world. Seriously, her music kinda sucks. I mean, I've never been big into pop and that kind of stuff, but what the hell is up with that fashion? Calling her trashy isn't fun or even funny. I mean, its like calling a Klan member racist. DUH! Isn't that kind of the point? I mean, she WEARS TRASH!

    Don't get me wrong, weird styles are neat on the right girl, with some different clashing colors and stuff like that. But the HELL is with her? Is she trying to get someone to shoot her? Or is this some kind of pity thing? Maybe she's blind? That has to be it. She's blind. They've got the poor blind girl dressing herself, and instead of having the decency of having somebody beat her over the head with a bat (TO DEATH!), they just kick her out of the car at the dump and pick her up in half an hour while they go get ben and jerry's.


  • What the flickety fluck is a paperbag skirt?

  • I don't wear "holiday style." I wear normal clothes.

  • Scarves have always been a favorite of mine... some of the fur is going a bit overboard I think, although I appreciate that it's all faux fur and not the real thing /shudders.
  • the buddy holly lsd look.
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