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Writer's Block

Takes Me Right Back

What photograph has the power to transport you back to that day and time?

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  • А куда ?По моему сейчас нужно удалить эту запись ,рисунки удалены и эта запись абсурдно смотриться .
  • Q. What photograph has the power to transport you back to that day and time? A. I have a photograph that not only can transport me back to "that" day and time, but it can, albeit indirectly, actually take me to any day and time. I am of course speaking of the true-to-life-sized walk poster I have of Tom Baker in front of the TARDIS (circa 1977) that I used to mask the fact that my TARDIS is, for the moment at least, embedded in the wall of my study. For some reason the Quantum Anchor steadfastly refuses to budge from the localized material real-time field matrix that is in the continuing now my eastern study wall, but that's neither here nor their for the purposes of the question at hand. So I'll leave it alone. (When I go anywhere I have to use the TARDIS garage door. I hate to. It's noisy and often scares animals and children with the racket, but it's either that or roam the halls of the TARDIS. Sorry, Bambi and kids. There's only so much infinite, monotonous intrauniverse interior I can stand.)(I really should've opted for the Type 88A. [sigh] Neverfuckingmind now.) Got to go. Kettle's ready.
  • Ho ho! (though admittedly it only takes me back to watching it on the telly, like I'd go to Selhurst Park.)

  • Some photo that I wish I could remember more of.

    mum, Grandad John, sister & me mum, Grandad John, sister & me

    39 Grove Walk Norwich
    Mum Maria playing :D Mum Maria playing :D

    My mum, photo by Noel.
    This in my opinion is a great photo.
    My mum, 'playing' aound for my Dad (camera) & granmum in pink.
    My mum & me at Sheringham My mum & me at Sheringham

    Photo by Noel
    Mum, my sister & me at 39 Grove Walk Mum, my sister & me at 39 Grove Walk

    Photo by Noel.
    At 39 Grove Walk, rear main room

  • i saw this topic and just knew that i had to write on it. there are definitely a number of pictures that have the power to transport me back to the day and time that they were taken. here are just a few... ah, homecoming 2004. i can remember this night almost as if it were yesterday. there was definitely a bit of drama as to whether we were all going to attend or not. looking back, i'm glad we did. it's a wonderful memory that i cherish... akron campus, december 2004... the winter's first snowfall. oh, there are soooo many wonderful memories surrounding this night. seeing how tex reacted to snow, feeling like a kid again while participating in a snowball fight and rolling down a snowcovered hill by the student union. oh, and who could forget sticking our tongue to the clock infront of the honors complex and just hoping that it wouldn't stick! of course, you can't have a major snowfall without making a few snow angels... oh, tex! you for sure made this night 1000 times more memorable! :o)!! lastly... you have the picture taken right before my mother came up to akron to take me home. this was, hands down, one of the hardest goodbyes i've made. in the end, i know that i made the right decision. if i hadn't left, i wouldn't be where i'm at now. but when it's all said and done, i wouldn't be who i am now without the amazing friends in this picture... plus jessica... LoL! i love and miss you all dearly! the list of photos goes on and on, but i was feeling sentimental and thought i'd select these four. it's early though, so i guess i should get to bed... happy belated (by a few hours) birthday to tex!!!!
  • My prom picture. I'd worked very hard to loose a lot of weight and be all glammed out for my HS prom. I did that and more. My parents rented a 1990 Lincoln Towncar which I drove-ppl who barely noticed I in school with them couldn't help but stop by the table and go "Holy shit I didn't know you looked like THAT." Yeah. I was all that and a bag of chips. :) Sigh.....the memories.
  • Sorry I just had to answer this.... There's this one picture of my best friends [at the time] and I from 8th grade where we're all in a bath tub and there's foam and bubbles all over the place. We wanted to have a bubble bath and so we all got in the tub in our suits and overflowed the bathroom with suds. It was great. =D
  • why look its the same photo that i answered the last writes block i did with
  • My marriage pictures! My wedding was the happiest day of my life. :-)
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