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To Shoot or Be Shot?

Do you like being behind the camera or in front of the camera?

Answers (192)

  • Behind the lens. I am not particularly photogenic.
  • To shoot. Definately.
  • in front of it.
  • I would rather be in front of the camera. Acting Wise. It is what I want to do, always have wanted to act. Since I was 10.
  •  well, it depends. if i'm looking smashing, go ahead, shoot me! but if i see something really ispiring and neat, and totally a kodak moment, i like to take the pictures. and hey, taking party pictures are also really really fun.
  • I love being behind it.
  •  I like both but I'd have to say that being in front of the camera is more fun than taking the photo. Plus you have more options to creating a memory of your own than creating someone else's.
  • Behind, it's much more fun.
  • To Shoot. I love to take photos. My fridge is covered in them and I have stacks of albums filled to the brim with photos. My favorite photos are friends and family and close second are my animals. The others tend to be vacation and car photos. My fiance loves those the most.
  • I prefer to be behind the camera. I hate getting my picture taken (a lot). I'm not really sure why.. really.. at all. I guess. I don't know. I just know that when I am in front of the camera I almost always mess up my face or/and contort/cover my body so you can't see my stomach. Unless of course I don't know the picture is coming. Which results in a lot of really awkward pictures of me being up on facebook. Haha.

    But yeah, behind the camera, definitely. I take much better pictures behind the camera ;D Ahhahha.

    Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to midterms studying. Bah. I hate school.

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