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If you could pick any place on earth to spend the holidays, where would you go, and who would you bring with you?

Answers (697)

  • I'd like to go to England or Germany.  And as for who I would bring?  It'd be my family because then we could spend whatever holiday it is together. =)
  • I would go to Asia, USA, Europe or Oceania with soul mate.

  • уехала бы с любимым в Финляндию, на какой-нибудь хутор. желательно на месяц. ну или в любое удаленное от людей место (только хотелось бы, чтобы был теплый ватерклозет и душ с горячей водой :)

  • Я... я бы поехала с друзьями, и конечно же в Индию... Страна, которую я с детства мечтала посетить... :Р

  • I want to travel the world. I don't want to stop until i've seen everything i need to, met everyone i need to, be everything i want to.
    I would take Erin, obviously. I would take friends and family depending on where/when.
    I've been to Hawaii, MN, NH, FL, Australia. I'm going to Spain this summer.
    I'm going to Ireland when Erin is either 13 or 18, depending on my money situation.
    I'd like to visit... basically everywhere else.

  • if i could pick a place on earth to spend my holidays, it would be in cebu, boracay, My Family.
  • На Ибицу один

  • I would go home. I mean really go home. not to the house I live in but to the one my heart lives in. I would go to Jamaica to see my family again and I would my friends and their families because they have become my family as well. I love them.

  • Мальдивы. с любимым. 

  • Right now, England because there's no fucking fault lines there!
    I'd probably bring Finn because i bet he'd love to go there because of all the bands he likes that came from there!
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