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Eye for an eye?

If you bumped into someone who regularly picked on you as a child, what would you say to them?

Answers (872)

  • There was this girl who always used to make fun of me because she said I was 'posh' - just because I say "baath" and graass." Now, I would probably tell her to get over herself and find somebody who cares. And I would try very, very hard not to slap her.

  • If the bully of my childhood were to simply "bump into me" one day, I would thank him for making me a stronger person from his malevolent tortures of the past because in way, his bullying taught me to accept pain since life is infested with every form of it, and in most cases, we can't avoid it.
  • Если извинится, могу и простить...а если нет, то "Ну, что, допрыгался, зараза?"

  • Why hello the ol' pal!!! ;)

  • "Ну  что    -   око  за  око ?"   -  подумал  бы  я , но  ничего  не  сказал...

  • Just walk past them coolly and just pretend they are invisible.

  • "You've gained weight."

  • This has actually happened to me many times, and every time, that person seems to remember things completely differently than I do. In their version of events, we were best buds, right down to the routine sleepovers, late-night conference calls, and hair-braiding.

    In the actual correct one, also known as "my version", they chased me around a classroom with scissors or made up rumors about me. Sometimes at the same time.

    Because (contrary to popular belief) I am not a very confrontational person, at least when it comes to people I know, I usually end up just kind of staring at them staring at them in a very confused way, while answering all their questions very politely, until they smile a little bit TOO big because they've just realized it's weird, and say "well, see you later!"

    And that's what happens.

  • hmm, well I think I'd remind them of all the times they picked on me, give them a guilt trip whilst smiling all the time and ask them if they'd grown up yet?
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