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Writer's Block

Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

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  • Hiya, Of course. Same with music. If you aren't going to do that why own them in the 1st place ?

  • I read books over and over and over again.  

    Movies, not so much.  Usually, I can't watch a movie more than once.  Unless it's Harry Potter.  Or REALLY good.

  • About 3. The second time is for noticing and appreciating all the little details that you missed the first time around because you were so intent on finding out what was going on and getting to the end. And the third time is just for fun. Any more than that and I have to leave it and not watch/read it for at least a year, so I've forgotten the details.

  • Гдето 4-5 раз в год  (Snach таким образом до сих пор смотрю)

  • Столько сколько потребуется моему сердцу

  • Yes. until i'm bored.

  • I love The Notebook! It's one of the best love stories ever and I always wished I had something like that. I've read the book 4-5 times. I watched it twice that much.  I call it my ultimate favorite movie and book.

    Think about it! It was based on a true story. Wouldn't everyone want to know the one you love will be with you no matter what?
  •  Как-то я посмотрела фильм "OrangeLove".так он мне так понравился,я пересмотрела его еще раз и порекомендовала друзьям.В результате еще 2 раза просмотрела,но уже не одна)))

  • Hey, sometimes, that is how you get your best ideas if you are a writer, but be sure when you are inspired by it, not to watch or read it too often, because then there is a moment, when what you write will mimic it, and there will be no originality.

    As far as myself goes, I can watch something if I love it till the point that I puke, and then afterwards, watch it more. "There are no limits" - Sega in 1986. Food for thought

  • I have no upper limit. I will watch/read it over and over again! 

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