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Best song of the year

What is the best song of 2010?

Answers (590)

  • only girl in the world by rihanna

  • Eminem - Not Afraid/
    I cann't say that I like him, but it was a pity 4 me to see how Justin Bieber won American Award as the best singer of the year... In race with him was Eminem.. So, I think he is much more tallanted

  • O melhor som do ano será concerteza RED, the GazettE *-*

    Eles são tudo de bom, não é mesmo?!

  • Well I think I'm gonna list it down:

    Permanent December - Miley Cyrus
    Give A Little More - Maroon 5
    Closer To The Edge - 30 Seconds To Mars
    Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna

  • i love soul music so i am going to have to go with eric benet sometimes i cry this song is definitely one of the best r&b songs i've heard in a while

  • Все пародии Мурзилок Авторадио
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3YSqNOP__Y

  • There are so many! This is totally unfair to list one good song of ALL the good songs that came out (And they're sitll coming out.)

    Well since I don't listen to English music, I can't say much for the english music side; BUT! Far East Movements Like a G6 topped my list of good songs (: 

    Now lets see, Kpop.... So many came out? Can i list one for every group; or maybe ever Entertainment company? 

    SM: TOO MANYY D; Umm.... Does JYJ count because I really really love W.  

    YG: 2NE1's Go Away, late in the year but it really blew me away.

    CUBE: B2ST's Say No. I loved loved loved this song, and I still do!

    JYP: miss A's Good Girl Bad Girl (: 

    There were so many good songs this year~
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