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Stay Fashionable in Winter Weather

When it’s cold, wet, or snowy, how do you stay fashionable?

Answers (155)

  • I don't think staying fashionable is the most important :) But I am only a man. :))

  • Anytime its rainy outside, I always wear my brown cowgirl boots. Not only do they keep water and the cold out, but I love the click click they make when I walk on tiled flooring.

    On top of that, I encase my long legs in jeans, slip on a tank top and pull on a long sleeved shirt. Then my black Northface jacket and to top everything off, a flirty pink and white scarf.

    And, judging by the scene outside my living room, I will be wearing it today...
  • Fuck fashion. Fashion is materialistic bullshit. To stay warm you layer clothes. you dont have to look nice to be warm. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. there are so many things in life that are way more important than fashion.
  • fashionable is a state of mind. (boots, top hats, scarves, and fitted coats are lovely.)

  • I'm never fashionable. I only get dressed for outdoors because it's required by law. So, I dress merely for comfort.

  • a very fashionable scarf of awesomeness
  • I just stay warm, and laugh at those who try to maintain a sense of fashion at 40 below. Seriously; my old room mate bought some cute but ineffective boots from walmart; when it finally got cold enough that she needed bigger boots, she went to the outdoor store and told the guy, "I want something not too big, something cute." The salesman replied, "You know what's attractive, hon? A woman with all ten toes." She ended up with proper boots.

  • BOOTS! Boots are the acessories to everything. Cold, wet, or snowy. I think a nice leather boots make everyhting stay fresh! Then it that scarf. Fashional boots and a scarf is correcto mundo.  Then it is the right jacket. a PERFECT jacket and the right skinny jeans. Every color should not be ovrely done. It should all blend in perfectly. If you want to do all black, gray, and white. At least add a red scarf. Splash it up a bit!
  • You dont. If you want to look good under these circumstances your priority's are completely shallow and it shows the persons lack of intelligence. There is no point in attempting to impress people you dont know or dislike. This is a prime example on why over half the population is in debt. Your health comes before what your neighbor thinks about you appearance. Get real folks.
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