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Writer's Block

Get those creative juices flowing

Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Answers (638)

  • Кери Дживан))

  • Остается загадкой
    Если бы я смогла сказать это вслух.... Если бы я могла рассказать все....

  • Jamie Hewlett for sure!
    His art has been around me most of my life, there for i think it has had a huge impact on the way i am as a person even!
    HOW HOW HOW. I just love the randomness of it, there is just all these great wee details and stuff that i just absolutely love! Not to mention the characters he has created, just utterly great!
    That man has had some of the biggest impact on me ever, i fucking adore him to bits!

    For you who don't know who Jamie Hewlett is, he does Gorillaz and was the original artist for Tank Girl.
  • Если не вдаваться в подробности, то каждый значимый для меня человек - друг, родственник, знаменитость. А если по-честному, то первоначало - мои собственные желания. Люди меняют лишь форму и направление идей, зажигают искры вдохновения - каждый по-своему. Вот например, Джо Роулинг, благодаря её примеру, я теперь верю, что удача может улыбнуться любому - стоит лишь приложить усилие.

  • In the last few years it's not been who, but what.  Gundam Wing introduced me to fanfiction and it gave me the courage to trying story writing.  I'm nowhere near the level of the writers I enjoy, but I do enjoy what I write.  The fact that I could write at all was kind of liberating; I always thought it was much harder, much more structured or involved and I didn't realize it could be as easy as a 5 sentence prompt or just whatever comes to mind.  Oh, it's been awhile since I've watched it (I do, however, read   Gundam Wing Rewatch commentary everytime) but with all the anime that I've since discovered and loved, nothing has ever taken it's place.  I still read GW fanfiction every chance I get.

    I've always been creative, but I'm like a pretty flare; I burn bright for awhile, then dull and go out.  I keep the interest but just sorta don't indulge anymore, you know?  I can focus, it's just that life seems like a lot of work most of the time, and it steals away the time I have to just do things for me.  I find I do go back to the writing, even if it's an update here and a read through there.

    *laughs*  I haven't quite given up lj yet, so maybe I'm still good, here.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  • That's an interesting question.  If I had to choose one person, I would have to choose Harvey Pekar, the creator of the comic book American Splendor.  His comic book was, in a sense a form of blogging, since it had to do with the trials and tribulations of his existence.  It also proved what Socrates said about 2,500 years ago, that the unexplored life is not worth living. 

    I sometimes wonder if I dive too deep into the abyss.  But the abyss is where the most valuable treasure is.

  • My Paul McCartney. Hands-down. No one in my life has provided me with any more inspiration, both for my creativity as well as my own personal life, than he has. His music, his personality, his words and convictions, what he believes and stands for, EVERYTHING about him inspires me to be a better person and to give my all no matter what.

    Ilu, Paul.

  • Music, acting, and my own life and how crappy it is at the moment haha. Music has saved my life literally and i, for some reason, took to the band All Time Low, Acting it was Jared Padalecki he is amazing, and then me haha and my friends, the people i can trust!

  • I really think that Cate influenced me the most creatively.
    She became my friend in the 6th grade and she introduced me to Harry Potter.
    that's when I began to write fanfiction,
    and realized my passion for writing, and just made me realize what passion was all about.
    I was able to take what I loved in middle school and use that same feeling to apply it to other things in life.
    Also, Eminem also influenced my creativity in the way that he made me really want to write music.
    who knows if that'll happen now, but back then it was definitely a goal.
    which is weird, but kinda cool. =p

  • Не могу ответить однозначно. Скорее мое творчество было связано с моим пограничным состояние... Но это зрело давно, только стоило перейти границу от созерцателя к создателю. А вдохновляет разное - от идеи родившейся в голове до состояния неба. И в этом весь творческий процесс, когда ты видишь этот мир по своему. посмотрите мои работы: www.kuperfild.ru
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