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Wintertime is here

How do you feel about the winter holidays? Has your opinion changed over the years?

Answers (843)

  • чувства зависят от настроения. К сожалению с годами все меняется и не в лучшую сторону.

  • I fucking love winter! Although i wish we had awesome snowing winters here like they do overseas, i'd love to experience a large helping of snow!
    My opinion has changed over the years, i used to hate it when i was younger, now i wish it was always winter!!!! Winter weather is always so good here.

  • это ужасно, но я ничего не чувствовал... для меня праздники перестали быть праздниками... ведь главное в них - это то, что вся семья собирается вместе за одним столом.. (даже приятно вспомнить).. поэтому праздники - повод отдохнуть.. от работы... и возможность провести время с друзьями))
  • Well it does change, it has to, I guess it is part of growing up, it used to be magic, and then it becomes something that you want badly to still be good, but as time goes on you need to find a meaning for it because at least for me that is important, it is important now because it is about family, the one you grew up with and those guys you've chosen over time to stick with you, they are family too, your girlfriend, your good friends they are important as well, and when the year changes you can see how much they've changed but more importantly how much you've changed and what can you do to do things even better.

  • the only good thing about it is snow and witerbreak && nope

  • В 2010 году я поняла что мечты сбываются просто не сразу....
  • Amaaazzzziiiinnggg!! mostly cause it's holiday!! lol ;P Well, i've always been fond of coldness. I hate warm weather, gives me headache. Even in UK i like winter. At least when it's cold, you can put more layers of cloths on and be comfortable. But you can't just leave all your clothes in summer when you are warm. At least, i can't .. i don't find that nice. Whatever.. winter is nice cause of my mom's yammiee spicy biriani and other hot-foods. Winter is awesome for snow. Winter is awesome for sleeping till late under my extremely comfortable blanket :) And there are plenty more reasons for why i like winter. Just don't wanna write an essay on it now. LOL ;P and no, my opinion on winter hasn't really changed :)

  • Да, видимо, чувства поменялись. В детстве я чувствовала, что с НГ придет что-то чудесное, что-то прекрасное, новая жизнь начинается, с каждым новым годом все взрослее и взрослее:) Но нет , сейчас, наоборот, так быстро время проходит, так охото остановить время, жаль, не остановишь.... Ныне, я не чувствую НГ, а просто очередной праздник, на автоматике покупаешь подарки, поздравляешь.... 

    And what about my mood:) It's crazy, yes, it's really crazy:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • К сожалению совсем нет ощущения праздника!! И это очень печально=( Новый Год как никак, это волшебный праздник, он должен оставаться таким для для любого возраста! Охота опять доставать мишуру, эти яркие гирлянды, конечно же наряжать пушистую ёлочку и чувствовать какую то сказку=)) Как вернуть все эти ощущения???  
  • I used to really look forward to the holidays. I would be dancing and prancing and waiting for the tree to go up, as well as down. I would enjoy placing presents under the tree and take time trying to guess what was inside them. Now... I don't really care for the holidays. The only thing I look forward to is knowing that I will have 2 weeks off to plan for the next semester and do my report cards. That's it. I guess the fact that I am single, with no love interest and no children of my own, has changed my opinion about the holidays. I would travel, but I have other goals in mind at the moment and I will not stray from those plans.
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