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That's good eats

What was your favorite childhood meal? Do you still love it? Does it taste as good as you remember it?

Answers (674)

  • Помню только паниконагоняющий никотиновый дым,еды не помны ,хоть и ел что-то кажись!!!

  • I used to love hawiian sweet rolls and cheese. I would have eaten it at most meals had it been an option. Now that I can't eat cheese I can't really say I love it anymore and I don't think I want to attempt to see if it tastes as good either.

  • Бигмак мне понравился с первого раза. И до сих пор нравится.

  • Favourite childhood meal would have been Mum's shank of lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables in a thick creamy gravy followed by bread and butter pudding.I still love both but haven't had the bread and butter pudding for many years now. I still seek out lamb whenever i can.

  • Beef steak was my favorite childhood meal.. and I still love it up until now... it might have changed a little, but the picture of it, just gave me the same impression.. "That's Delicious" hahah... :D
  • I still love corned beef and cabbage, though I do not get it as much as I did when I was little.
  • My favorite childhood food was "Macaroni and Hot Dog" (chicken dogs in my case). I used to love making it and eating it. Well, as an adult, I actually made it one time to see if I still would enjoy eating it.. big time disappointment. Yeah, my palate has changed. Can't go back to that anymore.
  • клубника, которую долго и изнурительно собираешь на лесной поляне... ДА!!!

  • It's Farley's. I like the original flavor. I still love it but I rare see it in the market. It always tastes good!

  • 1.) McDonalds chicken nuggets.

    2.) No.

    3.) HELL TO THE NO. After what I found out what crap they put in that "food"? I PUKED!!!
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