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What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?

Answers (1002)

  • Скорее всего, Санкт-Петербург. Там я себя чувствовала комфортнее всего. Вроде просто ходишь по улицам, а такое ощущение свободы, внутреннего подъёма и одновременно спокойствия, появляется ощущение, что ты можешь всё, ощущение счастья. Прекрасный город, красивый, даже во всех недостатках красивый.

  • Чебоксары там родилась)))
  • Это Тель-Авив. конечно же. Я его люблю. Он прекрасен. В нем есть схожесть с миллионами других. И в то же время он уникален. Он - единственный, кто подстраивается под мое настроение. Им нельзя надышаться....но можно стать его частью...и он ответит тебе взаимностью)

  • New York City. I loved it because it was the kind of place I can see myself living in. It's a big, dirty city where no one speaks English much like Miami but people there (surprisingly) aren't assholes as they are here. Some of the nicest people I know are up in NYC. I kinda really liked Savannah too. It's a nice quiet place with a lot of history but I got really uneasy in one of the hotel rooms because they told us this story about how half the town died in a fire and I just had nightmares. lol... fire scares me. :x
  • New York City is easily my favorite city, and I say this because as soon as I left I really just wanted to go back. My vacation was more of a trial rather than a vacation because we planned on not having a hotel room the first night in the city. I'm an insomniac and a wanderer, so I wasn't too worried about it, plus being awake at odd hours really allows you to see things that no one else does, and going on sleep deprivation makes the time very interesting and dream-like. I was there for the weekend of October 10th 2010, which included wandering around on Saturday, NYCC/NYAF and the X Japan Concert on Sunday, and watching part of the Columbus Day Parade as it lined up on Monday morning. The functioning of the whole city was very intriguing because I am from a small city and I've been to several other large cities, but there was just something very odd and alluring about the many paradoxes that exist there. It is so vertical, but underground, old, but modern, clean, but gritty. Currently I'm trying to arrange to go back in the spring, but I'll have to see how that works out.

  • Владимир. атмосфера потрясающая просто.

  • Tuscany, Italy. It was the first time I had ever been out of the country, I was eleven years old, and it was like a whole other world. We had to drive on this one lane but two way road to get to our villa and once we got there all you could see were rolling green hills, vineyards and sunflowers, for miles in some directions. I had this sundress printed all over with these flowers and I would wear it and go out in the garden spinning to whatever tune was in my head, made up or an actual song, and when I got dizzy I would just fall into the soft grass and stare up at the clouds. God, it was amazing.

  • Франция, но увы пока там не была( рассмотрю все предложения, кто хотел бы меня свозить). А люблю потому, что это самый романтичный город на мой взгляд!
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