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Ten Years From Now...

Where do you think you'll be in ten years?

Answers (203)

  • Chances are, that I will probably doing the same thing, and not only that, but maybe improving me life in other ways. Maybe winning more awards for something, or maybe getting more work in what I do. Being passionate about what you do pays off. It did for me on quite a few levels.:) I'm always pursuing something artistically, so there will be a new thing. You never know. :)
  • I'll probably be doing the same thing, or maybe dead. I hope if I am still alive, more positive endeavors will be happening in me life. One can only hope. :)

  • 10 years from now?  I can't even imagine 10 minutes from now.

    Jeff's brother Glenn was engaged to a lovely young woman.  Her name is Emily.  On May 19, 2006, Glenn was found dead.  He drowned.  It's hard to imagine.  Glenn was a proffecional diver.  He did not die at work.  He jumped into water from a dock, and got caught on something.  No one realized he was missing for several hours.  By the time they found him--it was too late.  I think he was 31.
  • So, it's been a while since I've answered this one. Hopefully, done with whatever schooling I've planned on doing (possible Masters') and on my way to working at a museum creating exhibits. I hope to have a steady boyfriend, a steady job, and would prefer to be renting an apartment in San Francisco, with said boyfriend. It's been about a year since I last answered this question. I'm happier with this projection now.
  • If I'm not dead, or in jail for acting without thinking, then I will be some bum on the side of the streets, trying to find my next meal or a place to sleep. Haha, no, I'm just kidding. Although, that is a possibility!

    In ten years, I hope to be married and have children. I would like to be a house wife, to make sure the children are raised properly, but everything is just too expensive to only have one parent working in a family. So I either would like to make a carreer of Graphics Designing or Cosmetology. Both have always interested me. Of course, so has my dream of being a rockstar! All I need is guitar and singing lessons, woot! Haha.. but there is little chance of me becoming a rockstar, so I should stick with the safe road. Or at least take the safe road so that if becoming a rockstar doesn't work, then I will have a back-up plan, right? But there are many possibilities for me in ten years. ^_^

    I already have two guitars; electric and acoustic. =]

    "What'cha doin'?"
    "Lookin' at dirty pictures. ^_^"
    "I thought you said that camera was off!"
    Hahahaha! Funny peoples.

    On Mars. The question is "what do YOU think..."
  • Wow
    where am i going to be 10 years from now..

    this is an old question..i was looking through the question list..and this one really stuck out

    i dont think anyone really knos where their going to be in 10 years
    we can 
    plan about where
    we'd like to be
    but none of us are really sure

    i think, 
    for me
    ill be living in SoCal
    riding my dirtbike
    workin on art, with my kids and husband
    at least im really hoping
    i mean
    ill only be in my mid 20's
    so, ill at least still be young..
    its a pretty difficult question to answer, when kno one has any clue...

    thats kinda m plan, 
    i hope it happens
    i can
    stick to it

  • Ten years from now i really hope to be an accomplished psychologist.
    I also want to write a book. So when people ask me what i want to be i always say a psychiatris...with A BOOK xD lol.

    I really need to make these journal entries longer...lol
    ooh ooh i might enter a fanfic!!!
  • In ten years...I'll be what, 25?
    So, I'm hoping I'll either still be backpacking round Europe, or I'll be living in either Plymouth or Bath or a nice city like that with a decent job, trying to pay off my student debts. Fun.
    Or, as my friends think, I'll be face down in a gutter, too drunk/high to move. Just because they think I'm a druggie. I'm not though. They're just boring and narrow-minded. Apart from the cool ones. :)
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