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Hey, big spender

Should there be limits on how much money a political candidate can spend on an election campaign, and why?

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    Of course! Because not every political candidate has the same amount of money.

    For example, instead of using money that was fund raised for them, they can use
    their own money as well. Some people can't do that since they aren't exactly filthy
    rich, so I declare that unfair.

  • Yes, how about spending money on policies and not buying my vote! but thats not how it works.

  • Sure! They spend toooo much!
  • yes. restriction and limitations need to be defined. popularity gets you elected. and when popularity can be purchased, hard work and dedication towards the betterment of a country no longer holds any clout. and when the reason why one should be elected in the first place, no longer matters... i would say we have a problem.

  • It should set up a limits to avoid illegal and unfair competition in a campaign.
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  • Yes. In a true representative government there wouldn't be just a select couple or few parties. There would be thousands, for thousands of different points of view. Instead the corporations have taken over circa 50 years ago (if not more), and the U.S. is now inexplicably a Corporate Oligarchy being presented as an ostensible democracy. 

  • С точки зрения справедливости, то у всех кандидатов должны быть равные условия. С точки зрения воли к победе - чем больше ресурсов - тем больше шансы. Доказано практикой.

  • Congress should follow and spend the fixed amount that they are given for their work!
  • Yes there most definatly should be a limit on how much a candidate can spend on the election campaign. Also should be a limit that each political party or voter can spend on spreading the word about the candidate or party they are for. So that the ppl running (or the ppl supporting the person who runs) can't buy their (their candidates) win. They should earn it and the best person should win, the one that will do the most good and least bad.
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