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Writer's Block

Wishful Banking Features

Paying bills, depositing checks, finding an ATM … what are all the banking things you wish you could do on your cell phone or iPhone?

Answers (102)

  • this is the dumbest writer's block question i have ever seen. none of the above. i'd rather just go to the bank.

  • I won't be paying bills, depositing checks or finding an ATM by cell phone or i Phone.  I'd rather do all of the above with an actual human being in a walk in banking facility.  There's way too much of a temptation to go overboard with a massive shopping spree if the human element of banking and finance is removed. 

  • I have a secure Blackberry so I do most of my banking online, but I would love to be able to do foreign transactions online.  Transfer CAD to USD.  That'd be awesome!
  • ... Oh, wait, I though it said "SPANKING." That's a "Bloom County" joke, by the way.
  • Wow, Chase, you really like sponsoring these questions! As I've said before: No smart phone. No budget for a smart phone. I'll have to do my banking through a computer or by going a block away to the actual bank.
  • I'm still hesitant to do my banking online!! I don't even want to THINK about doing my banking on my phone! I guess it would be pretty convenient to pay bills from my phone and from that point I might need to transfer money between accounts. I think the new featyure of taking a picture of a check with your phone and having that money deposited into you account is interesting, but I'm sure some jerk will start using that to steal from people...
  • Bank robbery, mostly... >.>
  • I guess my car note. haa
  • THIS FUCKING QUESTION AGAIN !?! eat dick cheese fondue!
  • This isn't a writing suggestion. It's a marketing survey. For shame, LiveJournal, for shame.
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