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My Guilty Pleasure

What's your guilty pleasure?

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  • Little Nell responds: Researching everything and delving into the mind.
  •  Секс,драгз,рок-н-ролл!!!
  • I admit that I do have a rather negative guilty pleasure, and that is to read through flame battles, or basically battles between people who post on forums who pretty much like to advertise their own stupidity. I guess it does end up enlarging my own ego because I am not being involved. My particular favourites would be the ones where people shoot personal insults at each other and how the other party react to them, which mainly consists of shooting back insults at the people who insult them though I have seen people withdrawing because they do not want to lower their dignity. If I were involved in a real flame battle, I would probably do the same thing as well. However, I guess it does contribute to the security that I am feeling while watching these battles, because I know I'm not involved and can get a whole bird's eye view. At the same time, it makes me feel smarter, though I admit that this is really not a good reason to enjoy this kind of things. However, I can't help it, which is why it is a guilty pleasure for me. I have been involved in internet dramas before and I have to admit that sometimes, I come out scorched from the flames. I remember this one time I got into a battle with another person in the Inheritance Forums over the significance of virginity, and I admit that I did not present a favourable impression of myself. I came across as someone who could not keep her temper in order to maintain debates, and as a result, it has been a incident that I look back on in shame. I cannot even bring myself to go back to that debate and see how things have gone on, because it is too humiliating for me. Ever since then, I have avoided these battles. In a way, it is hypocritical of me to laugh at other people for the same mistakes that I have made, and I really don't want things to be that way. That is why I do not get involved in these any more. However, it still remains somewhat like a soap opera, and as a result, you can help wanting to bring popcorn.
  • i eat like all the time. its out ofcontroll . as if thats not bad enough i tell my mom that im going for walks and force myself to throw up in garbage cans when no ones looking. of any one sees me im screwed cuz i live in a small town and shit gets aroung fast. the sadder part is when i put my necklaces down my through i feel on top of the world
  • My Guilty Pleasure... Bleh! I guess that would be listening to Britney Spears. *blushes a deep read and mumbles* Yeah, I'm guilty of that. I like Britney's songs, or at least some of them and I listen to her when no one else is looking or there. Gods!!
  • What's your guilty pleasure?


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     My guilty pleasure is actually too guilty to write here without adding the Adult Content thingy but its bloody brilliant
  • I have to say... it's slash. I love reading fanfiction and it just makes me go 'awww, so cute' when 2 male characters I like end up together. Maybe because there are hardly ever any female characters that I like. Really, there are a lot of female characters I can't stand in books, anime and manga. Examples are Buffy, Anita Blake, Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Tsukiko, Jill and etc... I am most pissed at Anita Blake at the moment though. Totally can't stand her in the later books.... She just disgusts me. My favorite slash pairing has got to be Count D xx Leon. It's totally hilarious imagining them together:P
  • This is going to sound sortof weird, but I often crave macaroni salad as a comfort food. Before you judge me as porky, I can explain! Here goes... When my family and I migrated to Canada, my Dad wasn't the greatest cook, but you can't really blame him. He was a struggling, working, widowed, father of five, living in a foreign country. So forgive him if he wasn't a master in the kitchen. However, every Friday we would take our weekly 12 minute drive from Woodslee to Essex to buy groceries. Normally, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you have kids ranging from 7 to 16 years of age, it's the only time we got together as a family. We would all raid the store for our favourite lunch foods and chuck them into the cart. Of course Dad keeping running tally of cost and the frequent "put that back," "That'll rot your teeth," and of course, the simple but stern "No!" After every member of the family not getting exactly what we wanted at the grocery store, we would take to Pat's video place, or Videos & more, or whatever they decided to rename it week after week to rent several movies. Again, us kids would all banter about which movie we wanted to watch but always went with my little sister's pick. Then it was off to KFC where Dad would take a break from his valiant efforts at cooking and treated the family to finger lickin' good meals. This is where the comfort comes in. Two salads came with our Family meal, and my Dad always let me choose one of them without debate from my siblings. This choice was MINE, a chance for me to have a voice in an extremely loud family. As a single father, imagine how difficult it is to give attention to each one of your kids, all at such varying points in their lives. Looking back, though my father and I have never had a completely open line of communication, this Friday tradition was a reminder of how he never forgot our personal needs. He tried his best, and letting me make such a simple choice was all the attention I needed to feel loved. I had a feeling of being special... And so I guess that's why when I'm feeling down, I crave and indulge in macaroni salad.
  • My guilty pleasure has to be staring at a pic of my boyfriend, not speaking!
  • Only ONE? I'll come back in a week when I've stopped listing and laughing.
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