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Fall Fashion

What's your favorite trick for freshening up your wardrobe?

Answers (128)

  • Get rid of anything that's damaged, stained, or doesn't fit properly. 
    I'm lucky enough to share a size with both of my sisters, so we tend to "recycle" our clothes - I've seen items rotate between the three of us as we go through different stages of style.
    Clearance racks!  I buy nearly everything off season, and since I tend to be more basic than trendy, I can get great deals without looking like last season.
    If all else fails, I'll make myself something, and custom tailor it for a perfect fit.

  • I go to outlet store, buy a cheap/neat looking t-shirt or something, I'm sometimes more willing to pay more depending on what's on it. :D

  • It's called 'doing the laundry'. And, I really don't mind doing it.
  • Throwing that shit in the wash.

  • merch tables at shows
  • Clothing is The Evil One's invention! To be righteous, we must go about nude. Unfortunately, the police are all working for The Evil One. We are duty bound to slaughter the unrighteous!!! Strip nude or die!!!
  • Going to Minnesota and having M take me shopping. Does wonders.

  • I get a new jacket and accessories. I can wear the same old shirts and jeans, but with a new jacket that you'll be wearing all the time in fall anyway, everything looks new. Little stains and lightening of the material from washing is covered up. Some new matching jewelry will also give a fresh look to everything. You can get jewelry that's "in" for the season if you care about that sort of thing, and not spend money on an entirely new wardrobe.

  • throw in some new accesories! as long as you have the basics your good. throw in some bangles, and boots and your good to go!
  • Old Navy tank tops. I wear them under almost everything.
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