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Sticks and stones

What is the worst insult you've ever received from someone? Were you able to forgive them?

Answers (605)

  • Для меня самое страшное оскорбление - оскорбление моей семьи. Не прощу такого,никому.

  • Being told i was a crap dad to my children...
    What really got me was the fact that ive brought them up on my own for the last 9 years AND hold down a pretty demanding job in the forces... Saying that i do have great parents who are fantastic grandparents to my two and have been a godsend over the years...

    The real killer in it all is the fact that it was their mum who told me i was a crap dad...the woman who walked out on us to live with a bloke 16 years her junior.

    Can i forgive ? ................. Would you  cos i cant !


  • знаете,я наверное плохо запоминаю обиды)я сильно злюсь,если меня кто обидел,но через месяцы уже забываю.правда вот:в третьем классе меня доставала одноклассница с ее шайкой девчонок.но мне уже пофигу давным-давно)еще меня часто обзывали из-за внешности,так скажем,восточной)))больше всего меня убивало,когда обзывали меня нерусской какие-нибудь украинцы,таджики и иже с ними,притом что я родилась и живу в Питере,России,и мои  предки все русские,только прапра..были поляки))вот.
    ну,сейчас я выросла и друзья-знакомые у меня новые,с мозгами;) надеюсь,расистов больше не встречу)

  • "you're such a hypocritical person" - from a so called "friend"

    Those words actually made me feel worse about myself. Even tho I know it's not tru...it still hurted. I try to be a good person, and the person who told me that knows it...and yet it told me that and it made me feel shittier than before. The person never apologized meaning that it still thinks of me as a hypocrite. To be honest, even though I always tend to forgive people, I don't think I'll be able to forgive this person. Not because it of what it told me, even though it did kill me, but because this person is a hypocrite itself. If I am a hypocrite, this person is a bigger one if you ask me...

  • Seriously, Someone nce decidedto call me a fag and queer, bcuz im gay and to this day i neva forgave em

  • I've always recieved insults from many types of people, usually some of them never bother me but this one hit me hard.

    When I was in 10th grade, I decided that i would keep to myself, too many kids would just pick fights with others just cause of one little thing that they say, so I believe that it would be best if I avoid any problems like that. One day in class I was writing and my friend comes up to me with one of his friends and begins talking to me. A couple minutes later they started talk about the future and my friend said "If you write a book no doubt about it, everyone will burn it or throw it at you." As if that wasn't harsh enough he adds "The only thing your good at is being quiet." Almost as if he were telling me that i have no talent what so ever.

  • как-то раз меня назвали мутантом, из-за того, что мой отец был ликвидатором Чернобыльской АЭС, это было жутко неприятно. много радиации мне передалось, и из-за этого я считаюсь у других людей "мутантом". в халка я, конечно, не превращаюсь, нууу..пока что :D

  • I realize this is very late, and it's perhaps not the worst insult I've ever received but it's probably the one that sticks out the most... I love to sing and I've been told I have quite a good voice, so I'm not lacking in self-esteem in that department but at the same time I know I'm not the best either... I watched American Idol religiously for several seasons and I remember saying to my mom, "I want to be on American Idol." She looked at me funny and said "Well you won't get very far." /dies. That was rough. Like... what kind of parent doesn't believe in or encourage their child? Mind you, this negativity coming from the woman who gets her character booed off the stage playing Karaoke Revolution. And then a few months later we were at a garage sale at the neighbors' house across the street... singing came up in conversation somehow and the woman was like "Oh, do you sing?" I said yes and my mom had to jump in again with "Yeah, but not like, American Idol-caliber." exCUSE me?? I still don't understand what place she thought she had to throw that in there. Again with the tearing-down of your kid's dreams. Thanks Mum. </3 Still haven't forgiven her. Not sure if I will. It's still debatable.

  • It was never necessarily about what someone said to me, it was what they did to disrespect me.
    That's been the most insulting, being disrespected. Like what I say or how I feel doesn't matter if they don't want it to.
    I am not sure exactly what forgiveness is, if it means to give the people another chance then yes I forgave them.
    But what they did always will affect how I think of them.
    Sometimes, it just didn't work out.

  • Самое большое оскорбление для меня:
    --- Хула на Господа Бога,
    --- Ложь,
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