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One door closes, another one opens

Have you ever closed the door on an opportunity or a relationship in order to open another door, only to realize you made the wrong choice?

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  • I think everyone made such a wrong choice once in his/her life.

  • I'm sitting in study hall doing absolutely nothing so i'm going to answer this. it's the first one of these i've done, but i figure i'll give it a try.

    As far as relationships go, yes i have closed the door on some to open some on others. do i regret shutting those doors? no. not at all. i am very happy with the doors i have opened and the doors i have closed. i don't feel that any of them were a mistake. all current relationships that i have are making me happy and i don't mind that i have ended the relationships i have ended.
  • i usually only close the door on something when i know there's another door that's open. i'm much more wary of closing the door on an opportunity than a relationship. because i feel like relationships can always be mended. i have not found, yet, that i have made the wrong choice. and i don't wish to feel like that.

  • A few months ago I refused to start a relationship with somebody because I knew I was moving away to university soon, it was hard to do but I knew I couldn't do long distance. So I gave on a relationship for the opportunity to go to university. I know now that long distance relationships can work because a lot of my friends are in them. I still think I made the right decision though. I'll see what I feel like when I go home at Christmas as to whether I start the relationship for real this time.
  • да. Можно отказаться от одних отношений в пользу других, а потом понять что оба этих явления были не настоящими

  • The question itself deserves sicere attention.
    Or I don't get it or it's made with a possibility of only univocal respond!
    Nevertheless, it's oddly close to me.
    "Have you ever made something, which you regret about afterwards?"  or
    "Have you ever made something to regret about afterwards?"

    Yes, I have. 

  • i have... and i will be both regretful and thankful for it at the same time... these are the times in any young man's life where he realizes a lesson is learned... whether it's the easy way or in my case the hard way... i do wish i could've made a different choice or at least met the person at a much later stage in my life where i was a little more mature and grown up... in the end it does make me a much better person for my next potential partner... but at the same time you can't exactly keep making mistake after mistake cause there may not be another potential partner the next time...

  • yes, many times. Maybe the next time I should just stop and thinking about it really hard.

  • Yes.
    Back in 2003, my Dad went on a three-month pilgrimage to Spain and France.  He invited me to go with him.  He would have paid my airfare and food.  It was an awesome opportunity.  But I declined because (HA HA HA - THIS IS SO FUNNY NOW) I wanted to get through school faster. 
    Now, many years later, I'm still in college.
    HA HA HA HA that sucks.  I totally should have gone to Spain.
    If I let myself think about it, I kick myself.
    That's just one stupid choice out of hundreds.

    But you know what?  I don't let myself think about it.  When you're running a race, do you go faster if you keep your eyes focused on the finish line ahead or if you're constantly looking over your shoulder to see where the other runners are?  There's just no use in trying to move through life looking backwards and regretting that which you cannot change. 

  • yes i have.....i dumped my boyfriend before because i fall in love with some one else....
    i try to win that man heart...but still in the end he choose another....
    i hurt a lot, i regret my decision....my ex treat me really well....he is very kind....
    he even shed tear and do something stupid when i asked for break up.....
    aishhh....i regret for hurting my ex..... ㅠㅠ
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