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Past the expiration date

What's in your refrigerator right now?

Answers (767)

  • It's more like Jeff's fridge but here goes: Almond Milk Chocolate Soy Milk Half & Half Egg Nog Pineapple SodaPower Pepsi Max Fruit Punch Powerade Apple Juice Guinness Black Lager six Pack Vermonster Beer Stuffed Cherry Peppers with prosciutto and provolone Pimento Olives Pepperoncini's Eggs Mixed greens Radishes Grape Tomatoes Avocado Cucumber Cooked Asparagus Bag of Apples Broccoli Onions Mango Pre-packaged Caeser Salad Smart Balance butter Salted stick butter Babybel semi-soft cheese Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Empire Jack Cheese Sonoma & Jack Garlic and Herb cheese Spread Grated Parmesan Cheese Philadelphia Cream Cheese Chocolate yogurt Grape Jelly Ketchup Hot Sauce Ranch Dressing Hellmans Mayonaise Wendy's BBQ Sauce Tartar Sauce Olive Pate Apple Sauce Rotisserie chicken Grands Flaky Layer Biscuit dough My Mom's leftover meatloaf and gravy Jeff's mom's homemade baked beans and black eyed peas Wood n' Tap blackened chicken pasta leftovers

  • Только Пепси и Чипсы при чем с нормальными датами реализации... просо ушел от жены ...живу на работе а тут из холодильников ...только тот в котором ПЕПСИ и ЧИПСЫ

  • Hot pockets!!!

  • листья салата, капуста и яблоки... Ну, может, еще мандарин один

    • Cherry Kool-Aid
    • Sun tea
    • Cheese (pepper jack and american)
    • The family box of hotdogs
    • Beer
    • Water
    • Taco shells
    • Eggs
    • Yogurt
    • Ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, cocktail sauce, ect.
    • Lettuce
    • Red apples
    • Grapes
    • Oranges
    • Tuna

    And that's it.

  • И правда интересно! Пойдем посмотрим!

  • My own fridge? Huh, just some stuff to keep up the life. Some kindness for those who deserve it. Some patience. Some malice.
    Actually I have run out of any unconcern, and the sincerity ain't still affordable.  
    Stuff for reheating?
    Some faith only is left for the better days.. 
  • Незнаю!!


    It's funny you ask 'cause my dad has been nagging me to clean out anything I have that might be expired out of the fridge. Today was my day off, but I forgot again.

    Things in fridge bought for self and BF that are always on the shopping list: Tortillas, hot dogs, yogurt, milk, apple juice, huge bag of Mexican cheese, mayo, turkey slices, radishes (for him... not for me). 

    What's in the freezer: Lean Cuisines, Hot Pockets, turkey burgers, Goya microwaveable pupusas that turned out surprisingly bland, food that may or may not have given me food poisoning that has been in there for months 'cause I've been afraid to eat it.

    Stored elsewhere: cans of soup, beans, chili, white grape juice, graham crackers, OATMEAL RAISIN flavored cereal bars *drool*, oatmeal, Romano cheese (which my dad and I call "stinky cheese" for obvious reasons, that the hombre puts on random things), Hormel microwaveable 10 oz. meals that take 90 sec. to make and only cost under $3... *forgets the rest* 

    Things that should be in the house that aren't: raisin bread, apple cinnamon bread, bananas, Dole 24 oz. fruit jars... so refreshing and 70% vitamin C in each serving, bitches.

    Let me just end by saying that vitamins (especially C) are awesome (do YOU like having colds?) and so are store brands. :p



  • frosting!!! i eat it by the plastic jar:D
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