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No more knock-knock jokes!

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents ever said or did in front of you, in public?

Answers (339)

  • My parents are different.

    They are quiet, humble people who change the world daily in unnoticed sorts of ways.

    They would give you the shirt off their back or even the hat off their head if you needed it - which leads me to this story…

    A few months ago, as they were driving down the road, they saw a homeless man walking in the hot sun. It was so hot, in fact, they felt compelled to stop and offer the man a hat. He gladly accepted it, and they were on their way.

    A few days later, they saw the same man walking down the road again, only this time he was wearing the very hat they had given him. They stopped and struck up a conversation with him.

    His story unfolded… He was homeless, sleeping in an alley, eating food out of a trash can and had spent 7 years in prison for manslaughter.

    My folks would have nothing to do with leaving him hungry in an alley, so they began making him breakfast and taking it to him every morning in his alley. The breakfast was big enough to last all day.

    They invited him to church. He declined stating he didn’t want religion shoved down his throat.

    My mom sweetly responded, “Well then, we’ll feed you one teaspoon at a time.”

    And that’s what they did. Day after day, month after month, feeding him, clothing him, tracking down his lost brother by internet, driving him two states away to meet and move him in with his brother and father.

    Recently, that man gave his life to the God who so loved him in his helpless state, that he sent two people to be “Jesus with skin on” in his hour of need. 

  • Это было в детстве. Мама в магазине: нам пожалуйста саааамый большооой размер! ))

  • There are way too many, to just pick one, haha.
    The most recent was yesterday. We were at Wal-Mart when my mom really let one rip. Then she goes on and on (very loud) how I should excuse myself and maybe go check myself in the bathroom. Ugh.

  • praised me highly

  • My dad pointed to the guy I was drooling over about twenty paces ahead at the mall. What came out of his mouth mortified me, "I'd fuck him in a heartbeat." 
    Worse? The guy turned around and got this horrified look on his face. My dad just waved at him... I don't go to the mall with him anymore even though that was 10 years ago.

  • My parents frequently bringing up the first time I was passed out drunk and they had to sort me out. It's not embarrassing any more. I will just as easily tell any one about it too.

  • Since I'm a parent, I try very, very hard to embarrass my children. The older one doesn't care. I can talk about underwear and feminine products in front of her boyfriend, and she doesn't respond. It's no fun at all! Usually, he gags and turns away. Then she relentlessly hounds him about it.

    The younger one, however, is totally typical. She runs and hides and pretends she doesn't know me when I make the most innocent comments about her hair or clothing. Certainly, they are opposites.


  • My parents are great.  I have no problems with my parents.  I do have a knock knock joke to tell though.

    Person #3:  Knock-Knock.
    Person #2:  Who's there.
    Person #3:  Tuba
    Person #2:  Tuba who?
    Person #3:  Tuba toothpaste.

  • I was about 13 or 14 and my mom was at the check out in Wal-Mart. The lady was checking out our stuff and there was about five Always pads and my mom laughed and said "They're girls. They need a lot!" and I was thinking "Errr...I haven't even hit mine yet.". The lady just smiled and put away all our groceries, while waiting for the next person in line. I don't know but I just felt instantly embarrassed.
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