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10 Years From Now

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Answers (269)

  • Living the life of my dreams.
  • Preaching the gospel all over the world to the LGBT community. Working with individuals, teaching them how to do Pre-marital counseling, Couples Counseling, and individual freedom counseling to people for gay and lesbian people.

  •  I hope to be teaching somewhere, I hope to God not Kentucky, with a major in both English and History. Maybe living in Gettysburg and hopefully teaching there some day. I'd also love to be published by then maybe even have one of my novels turned into a movie (a kid can dream,right?)...I also hope that I'm still as close to all the friends that have got me to this point. It's very likely...But it'd be wonderful.
     I'd also love to be a foster parent by this point in my life. I'd be twenty-nine or thirty, and have a lot to offer a child. Ten years from now I want...the world.The moon.The stars. And all the oceans. So give it up.

  • Making massive amounts of cash playing on computers.

  • I'm young enough that ten years still kind of feels like a lifetime...  But if I have my way, by then I will have switched careers (to rescuing sexually exploited children), have moved to a warm city (Austin?  Atlanta?  I'm open to options), will be happily married to Lover and possibly have a baby or two.  Daughter will be in highschool by then, and I would love to have a good  (open and healthy) relationship with her - better than I had with my own parents.
  • 10 years from now, I can see myself with some type of degree. and married to my love, David Lee Chambers<3. Hopefully have a kid or two ;p. I really don't know about the rest though. I just want to be happy. Whether it be from being a simple house wife, or a woman with a 'good' degree. But, I just want to be happy(: and have a good life. lol I guess that's what everyone wishes for, huh?

  • im 16 now..so ill be 26.. i plan to still be in college but close to graduation... ill be living in a condo...be in a serious relationship...ill have an internship/ apprenticeship in the architechtural industry.

  •           A very good question!  Let's see... ten years from now I will be 32 years old.  Okay, wow, I'm stunned.  I am really getting old now!!!  As I was saying, in ten years, I see myself as a happily married Christian woman and mother of at least three boys and two girls of my own with maybe a couple adopted children thrown in there by then.  I want to be a mother to at least 10 children, with a combination of both adopted and of my own.  I see myself as a very active mother and very involved with all my children and their sports or other recreational activities [until they can drive - and can prove they're mature enough to drive!].

              I think I will end up wishing they [my children] were all interested in the same sports, because I might be running around sending one child to soccer practice, another to basketball practice, and so on and so forth.  I better whip up into shape then if I want to keep up with my growing babies!  LOL.  I see my family and I in a big house in the country, and we're maybe just starting up a horse stable, or we're legitimately working towards having one.  I see me and my husband with good, steady careers that we both love, and we're bringing in an equal share of income.  I see my husband and I being a really good parenting team and just really faithful to each other and being faithful servants to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Almighty Father Our God in Heaven.  I see that in ten years, these dreams I have shared just now that are the truest and deepest desires of my heart and soul are coming to pass, and I see the happiest of my time is there and forevermore.

  • I picture myself back on the surface again, not in the same house though. The girls...I suppose they would be teenagers then. Imagining myself as a father to a pack of teenage girls is...something else. Hopefully, Tenenbaum is still around to help me out. A father. Huh.

  •      In ten years...Wow. It seems far away. So far! But you know what? I know it's so close. There are a few things that I want to be in ten years. I want to be married, or steady with someone. I want to be happy.. I'll be twenty seven. Is that unreasonable or absurd?

         But, my home will be beautiful. It'll be in a  w h o l e s o m e  neighborhood, like you see in the movies. With a porch and hanging flower pots that face the sun, both setting and rising. My husband/boyfriend will be clean cut, and I'll be a hairstylist and a freelance artist/photographer/musician. He will come home from work, newspaper in hand and give me a warm and loving peck on the cheek when I'm at my easel, all paint-splattered from the day, say hello and I'll turn around and give him a big smooch on the lips careful not to touch him with my hands...Then ask him how his day at work was, he will tell me all about it, and I will listen very attentively, and then he will ask me how my clients were, and ask about my art. He will listen and give me that warm smile that melts my heart every time.
         We will spend the nights in each others arms, sharing kisses and smiles, watching television and making fun of the stupid drama shows and such. ha-ha.
         I t  w i l l  b e  w o n d e r f u l  a n d  b e a u t i f u l  !

         I don't think I'm a dreamer, I think I'm realistic and a hopeless romantic.

    Emily Lynn
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