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Nothing ventured, nothing gained

What is the biggest mistake of your life so far? What did you learn from it?

Answers (616)

  • If I've learned anything, I've learned this...

    My biggest mistakes are forgiven and fogotten forever. I stand free of all condemnation. Makes me want to break out into song. 

    Hallelujah, salvation and glory
    Honor and power unto the Lord, our God

    For the Lord, our God, is mighty
    Yes, the Lord, our God is omnipotent
    The Lord, our God, is wonderful

    Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God. Rev 19:1
  • 16 лет назад не рассмотрела свою единственную любовь. Потом еще раза три или четыре не смогла ее рассмотреть в нем же. Теперь поздно - женат и дети.
  • Let's just talk about today. Today's mistake: While writing a deep, heart felt sentiment on my daughter's 16th birthday card, I got distracted for a second, forgot what I was doing, then turned and signed the sentiment with my signiture. Yes, my full first and last name like I was signing an official document. And, it was in ink. No erasing my mistake. No trying to cover it up. My daughter thought it was so funny, she tweeted it for the world to read, and included this in her tweet... Photobucket My daughter will never let me live this down.
  • Научился ошибаться. Теперь отучиться не получается.

  • Of all of the mistakes I've made so far (and trust me, there are quite a few that I'm still trying to remedy...) the biggest I've made was not buckling down sooner in my first foray into college. I was just coming out of the military, and I enrolled at the local university, thinking it would be child's play. Definitely not the mindset one needs to have in order to be successful in college. I learned (after a long period of mind-numbing jobs and many misfortures) that in order to be a success, I had to apply myself to the work and not goof off anymore. A couple semesters in, and a few bouts with the Dean's List, I am well on my way to getting my degree. Now I just need to get a few more things that are necessary for survival, and I'll be set...

  • Making the first move. It happened not twice but thrice.

  • Letting other people's actions dictate what I do. That is just letting people walk all over me, I used to be too nice for my own good, and it got me nowhere.

  • Letting myself be emotionally abused for over 5 years. The guy who was the sweetest person the first couple of years became demented and brought me to tears over and over again.  Staying with him for so long was my mistake.  When he broke up with me it crushed me, but over time I realized that I was better because of it.  I learned not to go blindly into things. Just because a guy seems sweet and perfect doesn't mean they are.  If he is making you cry, canceling on you last second for no good reason, embarrassed to be around you, or hurting you friends then he is not worth the pain. No one is worth a broken heart.

  • I think the biggest mistake of my life so far is a mistake I keep making over and over again.  I keep rushing into things. I guess I'm talking about relationships in this instance, but I guess this can also apply to life in general.  Once I get into a situation because of my hurrying, I find certain flaws that I feel commanded to fix, and if they aren't fixed... well I feel as if I'm in a leaky boat in the middle of the ocean. The problems slowly seep in like the water in that boat, and I have no way to patch it up.  Eventually I'll drown.

    I guess making this mistake has taught me to be wary about certain situations, and not all that glitters is truly gold.

    Eh. I have class... and I'm actually sneaking on this computer. So I gotta go.


  • The biggest mistake of my life was when  I tried drinking with a couple of friends when I was 14, and it wasn't from peer pressure, I just wanted a taste of vodka. Turns out, its disgusting, and if I would have gotten a ride home from one of my freinds instead of calling my mom like I had, I would have died in he same accident they had. I haven't touched a single drop of anything like it since then.
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